Asia Youth Team

JILAF invited the Asia Youth Team to visit Japan from June 7 to 16. The team consisted of nine persons (including two women) from eight organizations in five countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand). SENTRO in the Philippines was participating in the invitation program for the first time.
Throughout the program as a whole, the participants showed a positive attitude toward learning about the problems and issues facing Japanese trade unions and policies for their solution. They also displayed much interest in practical matters, such as means of settling disputes when workers face unfair labour practices, ways of guaranteeing that employers comply with legislation, and effective collective bargaining methods.
The participants were able to deepen their understanding of labour-related legislation and labour practices in Japan through lectures on “The Role and Issues of Postwar Japanese Trade Unions,” “Legislation Supporting the Labour Movement,” “The Minimum Wage Mechanism,” and “The Democratic Management of Trade Unions”; group discussions on “the labour-management consultation system and collective bargaining” and “exchange of opinions on youth employment”; visits to Jichiro (All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union) and the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo metropolitan government; and other activities. In addition, during their stay in Japan, they were joined by four members of a Japanese industrial federation for global discussions on the issue of youth employment.
The main comments and requests from participants were as follows:
---“I was surprised that there are so few illegal labour acts in Japan, such as union busting.”
---“I felt that communication between labour and management in Japanese workplaces is wonderful.”
---“I felt that the sound industrial relations in Japan are related to its unique cultural, social, and political background.”
---“I would like to have known a little more about the productivity improvement movement.”

List of Cooperating Organizations

JichiroTokyo Transport Workers’ Union
Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo metropolitan government

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

In front of the RENGO Kaikan

Courtesy visit to RENGO General Secretary Rikio Kozu

Group discussion on the problem of youth employment

Presentation of mock collective bargaining

Discussion with Jichiro

Discussion with the Tokyo Transport Workers’ Union

Explanation of the general command center of the Tokyo metropolitan government’s Bureau of Transportation

Visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Discussion with JILAF President Hiroyuki Nagumo