SGRA Project in Bangladesh (August)

Start of FY 2015 SGRA Vocational Training (Calico Production, Construction, Leather)

In order to begin all of the vocational training programs stipulated in the fiscal 2015 SGRA (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network) project plan, JILAF attended commencement ceremonies for higher-level calico production training (18 persons, started July 30) and construction training (20 persons, started August 1) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and for leather training (13 persons, started August 3) on the outskirts of Dhaka, giving encouragement to the network members.
In particular, the commencement ceremony for leather training was held in conjunction with a Life Support Seminar, at which pamphlets with information on livelihood improvement were distributed and explained to new network members.
In addition, toward the establishment and smooth management of the SGRA cooperative societies, Satoru Ogasawara, assistant head of the business management department of Japan’s Zenrosai Kyokai (National Association for Workers’ Welfare and Cooperative Insurance) was invited to give a special lecture on “Consideration of a Mutual-Aid System: The Transformation and Present State of Workers’ Mutual-Aid Insurance (Zenrosai) in Japan.”
The chairpersons of the SGRA cooperative societies in Bogra and Khulna, which completed government registration at the end of May 2015, then spoke to the participants about their experiences. (Both chairpersons are members of the Regional Working Committees.) The participants once again confirmed the management policy of the cooperatives led by local people on the basis of mutual aid.


07/31FriCommencement ceremony for higher-level calico production training
08/01SatCommencement ceremony for construction training
08/03MonCommencement ceremony for leather training

Photos of the Participants

Commencement ceremony for calico production training

Production of calico designs

Commencement ceremony for construction training

Construction training logbook

Training for electricians

Lecture by Zenrosai Kyokai at the Life Support Seminar

Leather training facility

Pamphlet with information on livelihood improvement

Introduction of cooperative societies at the Life Support Seminar