Thailand-Vietnam Team

JILAF invited a total of 10 persons from three organizations in Thailand and Vietnam to visit Japan from September 2 to 15.

There were two participants each from the Labour Congress of Thailand (LCT) and the Thai Trade Union Congress (TTUC) and six participants from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL).

In the visits to labour-related organizations, the participants learned about such topics as (1) the efforts of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) to tackle the problem of nonregular labour; (2) the difference between productivity improvement and rationalization; (3) job introductions and the vocational training support scheme at Kyoto Job Park; (4) the industrial policy of JEC Rengo (Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers Unions), including demands and proposals relating to rules and measures in the chemical and energy industries; (5) workplace activities relating to wage hikes, the shortening of working hours, and so on by the Kagami Crystal Workers’ Union; and (6) the mutual-aid business of Zenrosai (National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives).

Since there is no law in Thailand recognizing the right of collective bargaining, and the International Labour Organization’s Convention No. 87 on freedom of association and protection of the right to organize and Convention No. 98 on the right to organize and collective bargaining, which are core labour standards, have not yet been ratified in that country, the participants showed much interest in Japan’s labour legislation and engaged in lively discussions. Since April 2012 the provincial minimum wage has been raised by 40% in seven provinces in Thailand, including the metropolitan region, but there are still quite a few companies that do not comply. In Vietnam, wage hikes are not keeping pace with price increases, and wildcat strikes have been frequent in recent years. The participants listened with interest to the explanation of Japan’s labour standards inspection offices. In addition, since there is a shortage of industrial engineers in both Thailand and Vietnam, the participants showed great interest in the vocational training schemes offered by Hello Work and on-the-job training at Japanese companies.

The participants all took an active part in the program and made such comments as “The Job Park is a wonderful system. I would like to introduce it in my country.”

List of Cooperating Organizations

RENGO KyotoKyoto Job Park
Hello Work KyotoKyoto Prefectural Government Office
Kyoto City Government OfficeTakara Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Takara Workers’ UnionJEC Rengo
Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd.Kagami Crystal Branch of the Kanto General Chemical Workers’ Unions

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

In front of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima

Visit to the Kyoto City Government Office

Discussion with the governor of Kyoto Prefecture

Inspection of Kyoto Job Park

Visit to Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Discussion with JEC Rengo executives

Visit to Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd.

Visit to Zenrosai

Discussion with JILAF President Takagi