Labour-Management Relations Seminar in Bangladesh

The JILAF, in cooperation with the International Trade Union Confederation - Bangladesh Council (ITUC-BC), held a labour-management relations seminar on the theme of organising in Chittagong, Bangladesh, on 18-20 May with the participation of 35 young trade union leaders.

In the seminar, discussions covered topics such as the history of labour-management relations in Japan, efforts to achieve employment stability, and issues related to the organising of workers in Bangladesh.

In addition, the national coordinators of the six national centres affiliated with the ITUC-BC (one coordinator is selected from each national centre) gave explanations onissues such as the right to form trade unions, which is the fundamental framework of labour-management relations; the needs for organising; the current situations of workers who need organising; and the internationally recognized fundamental rights of workers, such as the ILO core labour standards.

Furthermore, in order to share information on unionisation efforts by each organisation, there was an information-sharing session on the process of organising from the formation of a trade union to registration, as well as a mock collective bargaining session.

Finally, the participants compiled action plans for strengthening and expanding trade union organisations in each national centre. The specific action plans presented by the participants included “positive actions to organise workers who are working in informal sector and who need the strength of a union, such as rickshaw drivers, restaurant workers, and sewing factory workers.”

The another labour-management relations seminar is scheduled to be held in Bogra in the northern part of Bangladesh, and the ITUC-BC is planning to hold a seminar to check the state of progress of the action plans formulated in the two labour-management relations seminars.


05/18FriLabour-management relations seminar (Day 1)
05/19SatLabour-management relations seminar (Day 2)
05/20SunLabour-management relations seminar (Day 3)

Photos of the Participants

An ITUC-BC national coordinator gives explanations of organising

A lecture on the history and experience of labour-management relations in Japan

Mock collective bargaining session