SGRA Project in Nepal (July)

Group photo at the Morang Life Support Seminar

  A JILAF delegation visited the districts of Bhaktapur, Parsa, Morang, and Lalitpur in Nepal from July 20 (Saturday) to 30 (Tuesday) for the SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network), which is being implemented with grants from the Japanese government (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare). During the visit, Life Support Seminars were held in each of these four districts to provide useful information for improving and raising the livelihoods of informal-sector workers. A total of 122 persons (about 30 in each district) became new network members.

The 1st Regional Working Committee meetings of fiscal 2019 were also held in each of the four districts. The RWCs consist of representatives of local government, labour, and management, nongovernmental organizations and others, and JILAF. At the meetings, JILAF expressed gratitude to the members for their independent frontline activities, and discussions took place on such topics as JILAF-led occupational skill development training after the Life Support Seminars, the bridging of network members to occupational skill development training programs run by local governments and employers’ organizations, and measures to strengthen the SGRA cooperative societies (sahakari).

In addition, discussions have been taking place with the Kathmandu Office of the International Labour Organization (ILO) on specific collaboration between a new project being implemented by the ILO in Nepal (aimed at organizing informal-sector workers and establishing cooperative societies [sahakari] so as to enhance the value chain) and the SGRA project. As part of this initiative, on July 21 (Sunday) a workshop was held jointly with the ILO, and 30 persons on the outskirts of Kathmandu (mainly home workers and hairdressing workers) were organized. The two sides confirmed that they would continue mutual collaboration and cooperation toward the establishment of an SGRA cooperative society (sahakari).


07/20SatBhaktapur Life Support Seminar
07/21SunWorkshop in cooperation with the ILO Kathmandu Office
07/22Mon1st Morang RWC meeting
07/23TueMorang Life Support Seminar
07/24WedParsa Life Support Seminar
07/25Thu1st Parsa RWC meeting
07/26Fri1st Lalitpur RWC meeting
07/27SatLalitpur Life Support Seminar
07/28Sun1st Bhaktapur RWC meeting

Photos of the Participants

Scene of the Bhaktapur Life Support Seminar

Scene of the Parsa RWC meeting

Scene of the Lalitpur RWC meeting