Labour-Management Relations Seminar in Bangladesh

JILAF and the Bangladesh Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-BC) jointly held a labour-management relations seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on September 23-25 with the participation of 36 people. The aim of this seminar, which took place for a second time following a seminar in Chittagong in June, was to give an outline of Bangladesh’s labour act, which was revised in 2006, and to enable the participants to learn about labour-management relations, efforts to achieve employment stability, and the organization of nonregular workers in Japan.

In the opening ceremony, the leaders of the six organizations affiliated to the ITUC-BC addressed the seminar participants, saying that organization was an important issue in Bangladesh and that they wanted participants to deepen their knowledge of the revised labour act and to put Japan’s experience to use in their future activities.

In the following lectures, the participants learned about such issues as the 2006 revision of Bangladesh’s labour act, labour agreements and working conditions, and decent work and the labour act. There were also practical sessions, such as a mock demonstration of collective bargaining.

From JILAF, Shu Furuyama, director of the Organization Promotion Department of RENGO Tokyo, who has been tackling the organization of nonregular workers for many years, talked about “union formation and the building of collective labour-management relations” and “organization strategy and labour-management autonomy.” The participants learned about such issues as methods of union formation, union management after formation, collective labour-management relations, and the importance of the role of organizers.

The participants made such comments as “In negotiations with management, it is important not only to be confrontational but also to mutually recognize the different positions” and “I became aware that forming a union is just a means, and the real objective is to solve problems through collective bargaining.” On the final day of the seminar they formulated action plans.


09/23FriLabour-management relations seminar day 1: Outline of labour law; study of right to organize
09/24SatLabour-management relations seminar day 2: Labour agreements and labour-management relations
09/25SunLabour-management relations seminar day 3: Union formation in Japan and the building of collective labour-management relations

Photos of the Participants

Opening ceremony

Session on the labour act

Group discussions

Seminar participants

Presentation of action plans by participants

Closing ceremony