Labour-Management Relations Seminar in Cambodia

JILAF and the Cambodian Trade Union Coordination Council (CTUCC) jointly held a labour-management relations seminar in Phnom Penh on August 23-25 with the participation of 31 union members from three organizations affiliated with the CTUCC (the Cambodian Confederation Union [CCU], Cambodian Confederation of Trade Unions [CCTU], and Cambodian Labour Confederation [CLC]).

Speaking on behalf of the organizers, CTUCC Secretariat Representative Rong Chhun remarked, “In the draft revision of the trade union law, which is currently being discussed, there are many points that do not reflect the opinions of trade unions. In order to establish the rights and freedom of workers, we must make this three-day seminar meaningful, and you must all strengthen your efforts so that the law reflects the views of working people.”

Next, Yoko Murakami, deputy head of the Employment Legislation Division, Department of Working Conditions at Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation), gave a lecture titled “Labour-Management Legislation and Trade Unions in Japan” in which he explained especially about the process of enacting a law in Japan and the present state and characteristics of labour unions in Japan.

The participants asked such questions as whether the Trade Union Act in Japan had been enacted unilaterally by the government and how unions had been involved, whether labour-management disputes are settled in labour courts or ordinary courts, and how negotiating powers are decided if several unions exist in a single company.

After that, regarding the revision of Cambodia’s trade union law, which is currently being debated, the CTUCC conducted a check of the law’s contents article by article. In addition, an action plan was compiled for the response of unions in case the government’s final bill does not reflect the opinions of the CTUCC, including the holding of assemblies, the issue of a joint statement, and the implementation of demonstrations and strikes.

The participants commented that they must utilize what they had learned in the seminar in the debate on revision of the trade union law and that, in order to enact a law that truly is for the sake of workers, it is necessary to strengthen cooperative relations within the CTUCC and establish solidarity among all workers.


08/23TueLabour-management relations seminar (day 1)
08/24WedLabour-management relations seminar (day 2)
08/25ThuLabour-management relations seminar (day 3)

Photos of the Participants

Address by CTUCC Representative Rong Chhun

Assistant Director Murakami of Rengo speaks about Japanese trade unions.

A scene of the seminar