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FY2012FY: Japanese Fiscal Year. from April to March

General Information(2012.12.06)

Exchange with the Korea Labour Foundation

On December 6 JILAF welcomed a delegation from the Korea Labour Foundation and held a meeting for the exchange of opinions at the RENGO Kaikan in Tokyo on the theme of "Present Conditions and Issues Relating to Profit-Making Companies and Distribution to Workers." About 40 people attended the meeting from member organizations of RENGO , related organizations, research institutes, and so on.

General Information(2012.11.28)

International Symposium on Minimum Wage Trends in ASEAN Countries

JILAF held an international symposium on November 28 on the theme of "Minimum Wage Trends in ASEAN Countries: What Should Trade Unions Do to Improve National Life?" The symposium was attended by about 80 people from member organizations of RENGO, the government, research institutes, and employers’ organizations.

General Information(2012.07.30〜2012.08.01)

Joint Seminar with the ACFTU

On July 31 and August 1 JILAF held a joint seminar with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) in the city of Dalian in Liaoning Province, China, on the theme of collective bargaining and the labour-management consultation system.

General Information(2012.04.01〜2012.04.06)

KOILAF Invites Young Unionists from Japan

An invitation program for young unionists, sponsored by the Korea International Labour Foundation (KOILAF), was held in Seoul, South Korea, on April 1-6 with the participation of four young unionists from Japan.