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Indonesia-Myanmar Reinvitation Team: Expanded Exchange of Views on Labour Situation Meeting on Theme of "Efforts toward the Prevention of Industrial Disputes amid Intensifying Global Economic Competition"

JILAF held an expanded Exchange of Views on Labour Situation meeting at the Japan Education Center in Tokyo on November 30 with invited trade union leaders from Indonesia and Myanmar, where many Japanese companies operate plants and offices. All of the participants from these two countries had participated in JILAF's invitation program in the past. The theme of the meeting was "Efforts toward the Prevention of Industrial Disputes amid Intensifying Global Economic Competition."
The aim of the meeting, which was attended by 47 trade unionists, company representatives, researchers, and others, was to share mutual understanding and issues and to contribute to the prevention of industrial disputes and employment stability through the building of constructive industrial relations.
After an opening address by JILAF President Hiroyuki Nagumo, the participants from Indonesia reported on the recent situation in their country, noting that the method of determining minimum wages stipulated in Government Regulation No. 78 had become a cause of low wages in general. Giving examples, they also explained the method of settling industrial disputes in Indonesia. Members of the audience asked such questions as whether there had been any change in labour policy since the inauguration of the administration of President Joko Widodo, the response of trade unions, and whether there was any dialogue between labour and management prior to industrial consultations.
The participants from Myanmar then reported on the present situation in which workers in that country are not adequately protected. Citing examples of dispute resolution, they also described the conditions of workers in the transportation and manufacturing sectors. Noting that various problems were largely the result of a lack of awareness on the part of employers, members of the audience asked whether there were any opportunities to hold consultations with the government and employers' federation.

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