Mongolia-Pakistan Team

The Mongolia-Pakistan Team (five people from the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions [CMTU] and five from the Pakistan Workers’ Federation [PWF]) visited Japan from September 8 to 21, 2019.

Visit to the RENGO Headquarters

A total of 12 persons (of whom 4 were women) from two countries, Mongolia and Pakistan, participated from September 8 to 21, completing all the programs as planned.

The team consisted of participants with a relatively large difference in their affiliated organizations, posts, and experiences, ranging from executives in national centers and industrial trade union federations to an official from a single trade union’s youth organization. Nevertheless, from their respective standpoints, they seemed to have a keenness to utilize what they learned about Japanese labour-management practices and efforts to achieve employment stability through the building of constructive industrial relations in their own activities. Although the team was a large one with 12 participants, it was a well-organized group transcending country and organization. The active participation of female members in the training was especially striking.

As their visit to an industrial trade union federation, the participants visited JEC Rengo (Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers’ Unions), where they heard a lecture about the organization’s structure, basic campaign philosophy, and activities. They showed much interest in the industrial federation’s own health and welfare activities and efforts toward the realization of policies, and the question-and-answer session was lively.

In their visit to the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, the participants heard a lecture about the ministry’s organizational structure, as well as the characteristics of Japanese industrial relations and industrial disputes and other issues. In view of the situation in their own countries, they showed special interest in the role fulfilled by labour standards inspectors to enhance the effectiveness of legislation.

In the regional program, they visited RENGO Shizuoka, the Shizuoka Polytechnic Center, the Hello Work Shizuoka public employment security office, Shizuoka Prefecture Council of Workers’ Welfare (Rofukukyo), and the Shizuoka Works of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, engaging in lively discussions at each place.

The main points of action plans proposed by the participants were as follows:
---“I will classify what I have learned in this training into 12 programs and hold weekly seminars over three months for a total of around 500 participants.” (Mongolia)
---“I will implement training on labour banks in the CMTU.” (Mongolia)
---“I will try to get the productivity movement included in our fiscal 2020 policy so as to develop a trade union–led productivity movement.” (Mongolia)
---“I will try to get the leading examples of Japan’s labour legislation and productivity movement included in our organization’s handbook.” (Mongolia)
---“I will share information in our trade union about the 5S and kaizen initiatives in Japan’s manufacturing industry and also call on the company for cooperation.” (Pakistan) (The 5S refer to the Japanese words seiri [tidiness], seiton [orderliness], seiso [cleanliness], seiketsu [standardization], and shitsuke [discipline]. Kaizen means the continuous improvement of shop-floor work and is an effective means of raising productivity.)
---“I will hold a seminar on labour legislation for trade union members and try and disseminate knowledge about the rights of workers.” (Pakistan)
---“I will try and get the condition that nonregular workers can switch to indeterminate employment if they work for two years included in our organization’s demands within two years.” (Pakistan)
---“I will strive to establish an organization culture that does not discriminate between regular and nonregular workers and a campaign stance of taking action together.” (Pakistan)
---“I will try and set up a tripartite committee of representatives of labour, management, and the public interest as an organ for settling disputes.” (Pakistan)

List of Cooperating Organizations

JEC RengoRENGO Shizuoka
Shizuoka Polytechnic CenterHello Work Shizuoka
Shizuoka Prefecture Council of Workers’ Welfare Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Shizuoka Works

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

Lecture on Japan’s labour legislation and social security system

Visit to an industrial trade union federation (JEC Rengo)

Hearing an explanation of over-the-counter services at Hello Work Shizuoka