INTUC/JILAF Industrial Relations and Labour Policy Seminars in India

Group photo of seminar participants (Jaipur)

JILAF, together with the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), held industrial relations and labour policy seminars in Jaipur on June 9–10 and Chennai on June 12–13. The seminars were attended by a total of 85 people, including Rajasthan State Labour Minister Shri Tikaram Jully, First Secretary Ura of the Japanese Embassy in India, and Deputy Chief of Mission Mori of the Japanese Consulate General in Chennai. (The programs for the two seminars were the same.)
At the beginning, addresses were heard from, in Jaipur, INTUC Rajasthan State President Shri Jagdishraj Shrimali, JILAF Counselor Koichi Oyama, First Secretary Ura of the Japanese Embassy in Japan, and Rajasthan State Labour Commissioner (Industrial Disputes) and, in Chennai, INTUC Tamil Nadu State President Shri N. Devarajan, JILAF Counselor Oyama, and Deputy Chief of Mission Mori of the Japanese Consulate General in Chennai, and the purpose and objectives of the seminar were explained to everyone.
JILAF Deputy Secretary General Koji Suzuki then spoke about “The Role and Issues of Japanese Trade Unions,” explaining (1) the origins of trade unions in Japan, (2) the functions and role of Japanese trade unions (the annual spring labour struggle, productivity movement, labour-management consultation system, etc.), and (3) the present state of trade unions in Japan. At the Jaipur seminar, a participant asked a question relating to nonregular workers and informal-sector workers, to which JILAF Deputy Secretary General Suzuki replied by explaining the difference with Japan and giving definitions.
Next, a speaker from the INTUC gave an outline of the present state of industrial relations in India. In particular, from the perspectives of the government, companies, and trade unions, the speaker made the participants think about the meaning of constructive industrial relations and introduced approach methods.
JILAF Counselor Oyama then delivered a lecture on Japan’s labour legislation, explaining mainly the Trade Union Act and Labour Standards Act. He outlined and shared information on such topics as the conditions for establishing a trade union and definition, trade union activities, the industrial dispute settlement system, working hours, and dismissal. In addition, in light of the revision of labour legislation in India, Counselor Oyama spoke about recent revisions of labour legislation in Japan, including the workstyle reform bills.
Next, ending the first day of the seminar, a speaker from the INTUC gave an outline and explained the present state of labour legislation in India, which is currently in the process of being revised. The speaker emphasized the importance of workers themselves understanding that they are protected by labour laws.
On the second day, group discussions were held on the theme of “Efforts toward building sound industrial relations.” The groups then gave presentations in which they stressed the importance of labour-management communication in building constructive industrial relations, the need for both sides to cooperate for productivity improvement, and the importance of settling matters through discussion rather than immediate confrontation, thereby reaffirming the role of trade unions.
In Chennai, Rajasthan State Labour Minister Tikaram joined in midway through the group discussions. After introducing the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, who insisted that violence did not lead to solutions, he commented that industrial disputes were not in the interests of either labour or management and stressed the importance of building constructive industrial relations through close communication between labour and management.
Finally, JILAF Counselor Oyama ended the seminar by saying that, for the building of trustworthy relations, efforts were necessary to change both yourself and the other side and that even if it takes time, if the first steps are made in good faith, the building of constructive industrial relations is possible.


06/09SunSeminar day 1 (venue: Jaipur)
06/10MonSeminar day 2 (venue: Jaipur)
06/12WedSeminar day 1 (venue: Chennai)
06/13ThuSeminar day 2 (venue: Chennai)

Photos of the Participants

Address by Rajasthan Labour Minister Tikaram (Jaipur)

Address by First Secretary Ura of the Japanese Embassy in India (Jaipur)

Lecture by JILAF Deputy Secretary General Suzuki (Jaipur)

Lecture by JILAF Counselor Oyama (Chennai)

Lecture by Vice-President Krishnan Panchapakesan of Brakes India Limited (Chennai)

Group presentation (Chennai)