SGRA Project in Thailand (April)

The SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network), which is implemented with a grant from the Japanese government (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare), has entered its fifth year of activities. A JILAF delegation visited the Thai capital of Bangkok from April 23 (Thursday) to 27 (Monday) to hold discussions and coordinate with local people involved in the project.
In Thailand the SGRA project is being implemented by the central Promotion Committee (PC; the policy-making body), consisting of representatives from the Thai government (Ministry of Labour), labour (Thai Council of the International Trade Union Confederation, or ITUC-TC), and management (Employers’ Confederation of Thailand), as well as the International Labour Organization (ILO). As activity-promoting bodies, there are the central Working Committee (WC), the Northern Working Committee (NWC), the Khon Kaen Working Committee (KWC), the Enlarged Working Committee (EWC), and, from the current fiscal year, the Surat Thani Working Committee (SWC), which will make preparations to expand the project to the Surat Thani district in southern Thailand.
During the visit, the first fiscal 2015 meeting of the PC was held, at which participants confirmed the fiscal 2015 project policy and specific activities and expressed their unified determination to further strengthen cooperation among related parties with the aim of developing an even more independent and self-supporting project in Thailand.
Furthermore, the first meeting of the EWC was held for members of the WC, NWC, and KWC to confirm specific activities in fiscal 2015 and other matters (targeted persons, activity content, etc.). At this meeting the first secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Thailand gave words of encouragement to the participants.
In the current fiscal year the Thai SGRA project will conduct a follow-up on the approximately 600 informal-sector workers in Bangkok and Chiangmai who had been organized up to the end of fiscal 2014 (becoming so-called network members). In addition, the project will be further developed by newly organizing a total of about 60 informal-sector workers in Khon Kaen and Surat Thani; holding Life Support Seminars to provide information contributing to livelihood improvement; promoting bridging to vocational training schemes implemented by the Thai government, Employers’ Confederation of Thailand, and ILO; and establishing, registering, and managing cooperative societies to serve as the basis of mutual aid.


04/23Thu1stPC meeting
04/24Fri1st EWC meeting

Photos of the Participants

EWC meeting

Announcement of specific activity plan

EWC members