LFTU/GUF/TUSSO Multinational Donor Coordination Meeting in Laos

The 4th LFTU/GUF/TUSSO Multinational Donor Coordination Meeting was held in Vientiane, Laos, on November 21–22 with the participation of 22 people from new trade union organizations in various countries, including JILAF, and 40 people from the Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU) and other organizations. (GUF stands for Global Union Federations and TUSSO for Trade Union International Solidarity Support Organizations.)
The main agenda of this fourth biennial meeting was (1) the present economic and labour situation in Laos and efforts of the LFTU since the third meeting in November 2012; (2) the priority issues, campaign policies, and activities of the LFTU from now on; and (3) coordination of support from organizations in other countries.
First of all, regarding its activities over the last two years, the LFTU reported that it had focused efforts on organization and organization expansion in the private sector and foreign companies operating in Laos; the conclusion of workplace labour agreements; health and safety in the workplace, including harm from asbestos; human resource development; improvement of labour legislation and the minimum wage; measures against human trafficking and child labour; and the protection of women and transborder migrants.
As the LFTU’s priority fields over the next three years, there were reports on 16 areas (including organization and organization expansion, labour agreements, human resource development, improvement of the lives of informal-sector workers, protection of workers in foreign companies, labour legislation and social security, measures relating to transborder migrants, prohibition of the use of asbestos and health and safety, the eradication of child labour, and the protection of women). In response, the representatives of international organizations pointed out that some efforts were overlapping and intermingled and suggested, among others, (1) basic (democratic) organizational management based on the collection of union dues, (2) the minimum wage, (3) the social protection of workers, (4) the protection of workers in foreign companies, including special economic zones, and (5) the response of unions to the upcoming establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
Finally, the two-day meeting ended with the international organizations discussing and coordinating their fields of cooperation in Laos over the coming two years, including labour legislation, human rights, training for LFTU executives and staff, health and safety, organization, and support for informal-sector workers.


11/21FriLFTU/GUF/TUSSO Multinational Donor Coordination Meeting Day 1
11/22SatLFTU/GUF/TUSSO Multinational Donor Coordination Meeting Day 2

Photos of the Participants

Address by LFTU vice-president

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