China Team (Theme-Specific Invitation)

The JILAF invited five participants (including one female) from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) to stay in Japan from 27th November to 3rd December.

Since this was a theme-specific invitation, the programme for the team included a Japan-China joint seminar and symposium, in addition to the usual labour-related lectures, visit to the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO) and plant visits.

In their visit to RENGO, the participants paid a courtesy call to Bro. Nobuaki Koga, President of RENGO and discussed future friendly relations between RENGO and the ACFTU and other-related topics. In their plant visit, the participants visited Odawara plant of Fujifilm Corporation, where they observed efforts to improve productivity, working conditions and other things. In the following discussions with the Fujifilm Union, ideas and thoughts were exchanged on ways of having better labour-management consultation in the current environment where businesses need to change in order to meet the diverse market needs to reduce overtime and the form of labour-management consultations amid changing work patterns.

In the joint Japan-China seminar and symposium, Bro. Tsuyoshi Takagi, President of JILAF delivered a keynote speech titled “The Main Immediate Issues Facing the Japanese Labour Movement,” after Bro. Hiroshi Kimura, Assistant General Secretary of RENGO spoke about RENGO’s new efforts toward building a “secure society centered on work as its core” and Bro. Hisashige Danno, Deputy Executive Director of the JILAF explained “The Role of RENGO in the Spring struggle for a better life.” Those speakers answered questions and shared information with the participants.

In the following symposium, under the title of “The current situations and challenges of trade unions in China,” three participants from the ACFTU talked about labour situations in general, collective bargaining and labour agreements, and labour legislations in China. In their presentations, the speakers, who were all front-line activists, explained the latest information. The lively interaction through Q&A session shared a lot of information and contributed to the mutual understanding between Japan and China.

The programme, which includes the courtesy call to Bro. Koga, President of RENGO and the joint seminar and symposium, was very much meaningful, while the schedule for the China team was shorter than the normal invitation programme.

List of Cooperating Organizations

JEC Rengo (Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers Unions)Fujifilm Union
Fujifilm Corporation Odawara Plant

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

Courtesy call to Bro. Koga, President of RENGO

Visit to Odawara Plant of Fujifilm Corporation

The ACFTU delegation