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The Philippines-Malaysia Team

event date: July 19, 2023 July 27, 2023
Visit to RENGO Tochigi

A program was held for the Philippines-Malaysia team from July 10 to July 12 (online), and from July 19 to July 27 (in Japan).

The entire program was completed by eight participants (including three women) from the Philippines and one participant (woman) from Malaysia. In total, there were 9 participants (including four women) from two countries.

In online sessions, participants heard lectures on “The History and Role of the Japanese Labor Movement and Current Issues” and “Labor Legislation and Social Security Systems That Support the Labor Movement.”

For this program in Japan, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation introduced and exchanged opinions on “the social welfare policies that RENGO is engaged in,” and JILAF executives exchanged opinions on “the social issues that they are taking on.” For the industrial union/workplace visit, we visited the Japan Felt Labor Union and learned about the efforts of industrial unions and affiliated labor unions. For the local RENGO program, the participants visited RENGO Tochigi and were introduced to the local RENGO’s efforts in addition to visiting the Furukawa Electric Labor Union and receiving a lecture on such topics as organizing non-regular workers and the status of introducing AI in the workplace. An international symposium was also held in conjunction with this team’s visit to Japan.

The main action plans proposed by participants are as follows:

(1)       We learned about the importance of constructive labor-management relations and hope to spread these ideas among labor unions in our country as well.
(The Philippines)

(2)           After returning to our country, we would like to hold a briefing session with our organization and introduce what we learned through this program. (The Philippines)

(3)           We were introduced to the Furukawa Electric Labor Union’s efforts to organize non-regular workers. We would like to take this into account for
our own organization’s activities. (The Philippines)

(4)           We learned about company-based labor union federations and their affiliated unit labor unions. We would also like to form company-based labor union federations
in our own organizations. (Malaysia)

(5)           We felt the need to learn about the efforts of RENGO
and to strengthen our own organization’s collaboration with the national center. (The Philippines)

Photos of the Participants

  • Visit to Japan Felt Labor Union
  • Visit to Tochigi Polytechnic Center
  • Visit to Furukawa Electric Labor Union Nikko Branch