Cautionary notes on use


This service is free e-mail magazine distribution through internet by Japan International Labor Foundation (JILAF). Please be sure to read this before receiving this service.

2.Personal information

JILAF will properly manage such personal information as gathered through this service, and will use it strictly for the said distribution.


Register your e-mail address at the JILAF site to receive this service.

4.Alteration of registered information

If a user needs to change any registered information, he (or she) can change it through an alteration procedure on the JILAF web page.

5.Cancel registration

When a user wants to stop receiving the e-mail magazine service, he (or she) may do so through the elimination of his (or her) registration on the website.


You need to accept responsibility if damage occurs to you by using information you get on this site, JILAF does not accept any responsibility for that.

7.Prohibited actions

When any restitution may arise though the use of any JILAF information by any user, the very user should bear the responsibility for it and JILAF is absolved of any responsibility.

  1. To register other person’s e-mail address.
  2. To make any illegal access to the server of JILAF.
  3. To cause system failure.
  4. To reprint any content of the JILAF e-mail magazine without its permission.