Activity reports SGRA

Nepal Visit Report on SGRA in August

LSS in progress (Bhaktapur District). The lecturer was an officer of local labor union NTUC.

There was a visit to the Nepal SGRA Project from August 3 to August 14.

Seminars to provide information (commonly known as LSS: Life Support Seminars) aimed at improving and upgrading the standard of living for informal sector workers were held in the Bhaktapur, Dang, Surkhet, and Lalitpur districts of Nepal, with approximately 40 informal sector workers participating in each district. The first Regional Working Committee (commonly known as RWC: composed of the local government, labor and management, NGOs, etc., and our foundation) was held in each district, where they discussed such topics as the JILAF-led professional development training following the LSS, bridging (building bridges among network members for the local government/employers’ association-led professional development training), and measures to strengthen the SGRA cooperative societies (sahakari).

Additionally, in the Dang and Surkhet districts, there were visits to network members who had taken JILAF-led professional development training and then found jobs.

Photos of the Participants

  • Visiting network members (Surkhet District). Before taking the professional development training for motorcycle repair, this man was not working and had almost no income, but after the course, he opened a motorcycle repair shop and is the owner with two employees (the owner is on the right).
  • Visiting network members (Surkhet District). There were visits to network members who had taken the professional development training (vocational training) for carpets. The completed carpets are exported to foreign countries.