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Vietnam-Laos Team

event date: November 21, 2022 December 9, 2022
Online session with RENGO Tottori (Lao-speaking unit)

An online program was held for the Vietnamese-speaking unit from November 21 to November 25, and for the Lao-speaking unit from December 5 to December 9.

The entire program was completed by seven participants (including four women) from Vietnam between November 21 and November 25, and by eight participants (including four women) from Laos between December 5 and December 9. In total, there were fifteen participants (including eight women) from two countries.

The Vietnamese-speaking unit had an online session with RENGO Ishikawa, during which they listened to a presentation and exchanged opinions on efforts to strengthen and expand organisations, and efforts to improve overall living conditions.
On the other hand, the Lao-speaking unit had an online session with RENGO Tottori, in which they listened to a presentation and exchanged opinions on efforts to enable gender equal participation and promote gender equality.

The main action plans that were proposed by participants are as follows.
(1) We will propose a plan to implement a Vietnam trade union app (mobile application) to the leaders of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour. (Vietnam)
(2) We will assess the current state of labour productivity in Vietnam and the difficulties and obstacles in improving labour productivity.
(3) We will promote PR activities for matters concerning labour law, good industrial relations, and mutual assistance of workers. (Laos)
(4) We will strengthen the organisation of the Lao Federation of Trade Unions at various levels to secure its activities in accordance with its vision, strategy and development plan. (Laos)

List of Cooperating Organizations

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare JTUC-RENGO Japanese Business Federation (Keidanren)
Japan Productivity Center RENGO Ishikawa RENGO Tottori
Foundation for Promoting Workers Welfare and Mutual Aid Insurance

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

  • Completion ceremony (Vietnamese-speaking unit)