SGRA Project in Nepal (June–July)

A JILAF delegation visited Nepal from June 30 (Tuesday) to July 11 (Saturday) for the SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network), which is being subsidized by the Japanese government (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare). The delegation visited the capital of Kathmandu and the three districts where the project is being implemented (Bhaktapur, Parsa, and Morang) for meetings, Life Support Seminars, and Training of Trainers seminars.
This was the first visit by JILAF since the large earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, and the delegation again was made keenly aware of the enormity of the damage. The aftereffects of the earthquake were clearly evident in Bhaktapur, which suffered unprecedented damage, and also in Kathmandu. Of the around 200 informal-sector workers and their family members in Bhaktapur who have been organized in the SGRA project as so-called network members, more than half reportedly suffered complete or partial collapse of their homes.
In each of the above-mentioned three districts, the Life Support Seminar was attended by about 60 new network members. Local trainers who are taking the lead in promoting project activities provided information on support that the Nepalese people can receive free of charge and that would contribute to improving livelihoods, such as social security and public services.
Furthermore, in response to the earthquake damage, JILAF delivered lectures on “Earthquake Countermeasures in Japan” and “For Recovery from the Large Earthquake in Nepal.” Also, the Life Support Seminars in the districts of Bhaktapur and Morang were held jointly with the International Labour Organization (ILO), which is operating a project in Nepal to regularize the nonregular economy; the ILO gave lectures on its efforts in this program. In the current fiscal year, there are plans to organize 50 new network members in Morang through its second Life Support Seminar, so the number of beneficiaries of the project in Nepal is scheduled to reach about 700 persons.
Meanwhile, in the Training of Trainers seminars, which aim to foster people who can play a core role in promoting the project locally, it was confirmed that a new Publicity and Follow-up Team would be established from the current fiscal year, giving a total of five teams: the SGRA Shop Team, Sales and Marketing Team, Sahakari (Cooperative Society) Team, Instructor Team, and Publicity and Follow-up Team. The Publicity and Follow-up Team will promote understanding of and participation in the project by, among other things, distributing leaflets in communities and also gather the latest information, such as job and employment opportunities for organized network members.
In addition, in the Parsa district, where sahakari activities are lively, the leader of the Sahakari Team gave a report on savings, small loans, and other results. From now on, developments in Parsa will include the establishment of an SGRA hairdressing shop by means of sahakari loans to network members who have completed training in hairdressing, the making of uniforms for nonformal school students by network members who have completed training in sewing, and sahakari-organized training in spice preparation.
Under the Nepal SGRA project, vocational training (sewing, knitting, candle making, hairdressing, etc.) and literacy training will begin in each district in August. Moreover, collaboration among government, labour, management, and the ILO will be further strengthened in the three districts so as to enable network members to transfer (“bridging”) to existing skill development programs operated by the government, employers’ organizations, the ILO, and others, thereby providing network members with even more opportunities for vocational training.


06/30Tue2nd Central Management Committee Meeting
1st Bhaktapur Working Committee Meeting
07/01Wed1st Morang Working Committee Meeting
07/02Thu1st Life Support Seminar and Training of Trainers seminar in Morang
07/03FriLife Support Seminar and Training of Trainers seminar in Bhaktapur
07/04Sat1st Parsa Working Committee Meeting
07/05SunLife Support Seminar and Training of Trainers seminar in Parsa

Photos of the Participants

Bhaktapur Working Committee meeting

Mr.Prakash of the ILO speaks at the Life Support Seminar in Morang

The Life Support Seminar in Bhaktapur

The Parsa Working Committee meeting

A TOT member reports on the recent state of sahakari in Parsa

Parsa TOT members