SGRA Project in Bangladesh (May)

JILAF held the first meetings of the Central Promotion Assembly and the Central Working Committee in Dhaka on May 6, 2015, in order to confirm the specific content of activities in the SGRA (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network) project in the new fiscal year.
The Central Promotion Assembly meeting was attended by a total of 13 persons, including 6 people from the International Trade Union Confederation’s Bangladesh Council (ITUC-BC) and others from the Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF) and the International Labour Organization. At the opening of the meeting, after an address by JILAF Deputy Secretary General Ryo Saito. ITUC-BC Secretary General Sirajul Islam reported that of the 78 people who had completed vocational training in fiscal 2014, 53 (about 68%) had found some form of employment or started businesses and seen an improvement in their incomes.
JILAF Deputy Secretary General Saito then reported on the results of the sale of SGRA needlework products at the May Day rally of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) on April 29, after which the participants discussed and confirmed the schedule and activities for fiscal 2015, including (1) the implementation of leather training in Dhaka, (2) the implementation of advanced training in sewing and calico production, (3) bridging to ILO-led construction training, (4) procedures for the establishment and registration of cooperative societies in Bogra and Khulna, (5) the implementation of Life Support Seminars, and (6) the production of a pamphlet with information concerning livelihood improvement.
In the Central Working Committee meeting, which was attended by six ITUC-BC members newly appointed from fiscal 2015 and two local representatives (an assistant and deputy assistant), the participants shared information on the content of activities in fiscal 2015 confirmed by the Central Promotion Assembly and confirmed each member’s duties and role. The participants declared that taking over the baton from their predecessors, who completed their terms in March 2015, presented a good opportunity to transcend organizational walls and work together for the sake of informal-sector workers.


05/06WedCentral Promotion Assembly and Central Working Committee meetings

Photos of the Participants

Scene of the Central Promotion Assembly meeting

Scene of the Central Working Committee meeting

SGRA needlework products on sale at the RENGO Central May Day Rally