Workplace Environment Improvement Program (“POSITIVE”) Held in India with the INTUC

The JILAF, together with the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), held a training seminar of the POSITIVE workplace environment improvement program in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, on February 12–15. A total of 26 trade union members participated in the seminar, two each from 13 workplaces in the city, including a Japanese company.

The seminar included reports on health and safety activities conducted by the participants at their workplaces and a rehearsal of one-day seminars to be held at their workplaces with the participants serving as trainers. Regarding improvement activities, there were reports on a total of 54 cases in the 13 workplaces. The reports indicated that almost all of the activities were low-cost or involved no cost at all and that they had been a springboard not only for creating better workplace environments but also for building good industrial relations with management. Using photos of good examples collected from multiple workplaces in the city, all of the participants then conducted rehearsals of the seminars scheduled to be held in their own workplaces in which they will serve as trainers.

The participants made many comments, such as “I am delighted that our improvement proposals are useful for the workplace and are acceptable to employers as well” and “I want to spread POSITIVE knowledge to my workplace colleagues as soon as possible.”

(※POSITIVE = Participation-Oriented Safety Improvements by Trade Union Initiative)


02/12WedSeminar Day 1: Factory visit, reflections on first basic seminar, etc.
02/13ThuSeminar Day 2: Reports of workplace improvement activities, etc.
02/14FriSeminar Day 3: Awards for improvement activities, compilation of suggestions to employers, etc.
02/15SatSeminar Day 4: Compilation of action plans

Photos of the Participants

Learning about efficient ways to carry objects through a game

Learning about environmental protection from the sorting of garbage

Seminar rehearsal using teaching materials