English-Speaking Africa Team

JILAF invited eight persons (including seven women) from eight organizations in eight English-speaking African countries to visit Japan from November 3 to 16.

All of the participants belonged to organizations affiliated with the UNI Global Union, so they also attended the 3rd UNI World Congress held in Nagasaki on November 9–12.
The participants eagerly devoured knowledge about the labour situation in Japan and showed a keenness to put it to use in the labour movement in their own countries.
During the lectures and at places visited, they showed a strong interest in such topics as the structure of labour unions in Japan, union membership, the organization of nonregular workers, the relationship between unions and political parties, the annual spring labour offensive, the policy of Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) on the issue of foreign labour, the labour-management consultation system, the tripartite system, and the employment insurance system.
The participants also asked many questions about the gender problem in Japan, including the wage gap between men and women, the appointment of women to managerial posts and as labour union leaders, and measures to prevent sexual harassment.
At Hello Work Nagasaki the participants actually operated the job introduction system and searched for job vacancy information. They showed much interest in such issues as the difference between private job introduction organizations and the Hello Work offices, the pros and cons of Hello Work use by new school graduates, and whether there were services relating to retraining for elderly people and training for employed persons. Participants commented that they would like to see the Hello Work system introduced in their own countries.

List of Organization That Cooperated in the Visit

UNI World CongressUNI-Apro Tokyo Office
Nagasaki Prefecture Council of Joho Roren (Japan Federation of Telecommunications, Electronic Information and Allied Workers)Rengo Nagasaki
Nagasaki PrefectureNagasaki City
Hello Work NagasakiMitsubishi Heavy Industries Labour Union Nagasaki Shipyard Branch
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Nagasaki Shipyard

Many thanks to everyone.

English-Speaking Africa Team Participants

Ghana Trades Union Congress(GTUC )  

1.NameMs.Elizabeth Ama Denyoh
 Name of organizationHealth Services Workers Union (HSWU)
 PositionYouth/Gender Coordinator
 Union experience10

Central Organisation of Trade Unions of Kenya(COTU(K))  

2.NameMs.Rafa Zubeda Yusuf Dafalla
 Name of organizationCommunication Workers'' Union (COWU)
 PositionBoard Member
 Union experience20

Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU)

3.NameMs.Mary Mlambiwa Nakwenda Dzinyemba
 Name of organizationCommercial Industrial & Allied Workers'' Union (CIAWU)
 PositionGeneral Secretary
 Union experience13

Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC)  

4.NameMs.Omolara Abiodun Popoola
 Name of organizationRadio, Television & Theatre Workers'' Union (RATTAWU)
 PositionChapter Chairman
 Union experience9

Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU)

5.NameMs.Amanda Mkizwana
 Name of organizationSouth African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers'' Union (SACCAWU)
 PositionCentral Executive Committee Member
 Union experience15

Trade Unions' Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA)  

6.NameMs.Zamda Masoud Mfaume
 Name of organizationTanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO)
 PositionNational Executive Committee Member
 Union experience13

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)  

7.NameMs.Heleni Banda
 Name of organizationZambia Graphical and Allied Workers Union (ZAGRAWU)
 PositionBranch Official
 Union experience8

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)

8.NameMr.Peter Gift Mutasa
 Name of organizationZimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU)
 Union experience10

Photos of Participants

Visit to Rengo

Visit to the Japan Productivity Center

Meeting to exchange views on the labour situation in Africa

Visit to Hello Work Nagasaki

Visit to Rengo Nagasaki

Courtesy visit to Nagasaki City Mayor Tomihisa Taue

Courtesy visit to Nagasaki Prefecture Deputy Governor Takeshi Fujii

Visit to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Nagasaki Shipyard

Visit to the Department of Industry and Labour at the Nagasaki Prefectural Government