SGRA Project in Nepal (July)

JILAF visited Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and the districts of Bhaktapur and Parsa on July 16–26, 2013, for the SGRA (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network) project. The SGRA project is being implemented in these two districts.

Continuing from its visit in June, JILAF organized Advanced Life Support Seminars (Adv. LSS) and Training of Trainers (TOT) for about 40 participants in each district from among informal-sector workers who have formed networks to, among other things, improve and uplift their livelihoods, promote employment, and establish mutual-aid schemes. The Adv. LSS provided information on such matters as public programs contributing to livelihood improvement; the TOT aimed to develop human resources to play a central role in promoting the project from now on.

In the TOT, the participants, about 20 trainers in each district, divided into three groups on sahakari (cooperative societies in Nepal), SGRA shops, and sales management; each group heard lectures on their respective topic. From now on the trainers and the Regional Working Committees in each district will set up sahakari and, after conducting market surveys, deciding products to be made by vocational training program graduates, and discussing sales strategy and other matters, will aim to commence sales from the next fiscal year with a view to realizing the continuous operation of the sahakari.

At present training is being provided in sewing and knitting in Bhaktapur and hairdressing in Parsa. From August, training in sewing will be conducted in Parsa, and training in candle making and production activities will be started in both districts.

In order to facilitate the smoother implementation of the SGRA project, JILAF’s Pokara Office has been closed and the Kathmandu Liaison Office has been newly established in the headquarters of the Nepal Trade Union Congress-Independent (NTUC-I). From now on JILAF intends to promote the project and further strengthen cooperation with the NTUC-I, its local partner in Nepal.


07/17WedCentral Management Committee
07/18ThuCentral Advisory Committee, Bhaktapur Regional Working Committee
07/19FriBhaktapur Adv. LSS and TOT seminars
07/20SatMeeting with the NTUC-I
07/21SunParsa Regional Working Committee
07/22MonParsa Adv. LSS and TOT seminars
07/23TueParsa vocational training monitoring
07/24WedBhaktapur vocational training monitoring

Photos of Participants

Members of the Bhaktapur Regional Working Committee

Bhaktapur TOT seminar (sahakari team)

Women receive hairdressing training in the Parsa district.