Labour-Management Relations and Labour Policy Seminar in Indonesia

The JILAF, together with the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (CITU/KSPI), held a seminar titled “Globalisation and Trade Union Strategy” in Jakarta on February 27–28 with the participation of 119 union leaders.

The seminar discussed the role and response of trade unions with the main theme of (1) trade unions and constructive labour-management relations, (2) social security systems and the challenges, and (3) outsourcing and employment stability in Indonesia and Japan. On the first day, the programme discussed these themes based on the keynote speeches, and on the second day the participants were divided into groups to discuss the challenges and their action plans.

In the beginning of the programme, Brother Said Iqbal, President of the CITU expressed gratitude for the JILAF’s longstanding cooperation, which has continued since 1995, and spoke about efforts to address the various challenges faced by the CITU. Bro. Iqbal noted that improvement of the social security system and the fair distribution of corporate profits in Indonesia were important and emphasised that there was much to learn from the Japanese labour movement in order to realise the livelihood stability and happiness of workers.

Bro. Hisashige Danno, Executive Director, the JILAF, explained the changes in the environment surrounding workers brought about by globalisation and his understanding of the situation, and proposed that the transformation and experience of Japanese labour-management relations, which embrace labour-management consultations and collective bargaining in a balanced manner, will be extremely useful for the realisation of stable labour-management relations in Asian countries in the future, including in multinational companies.

Other experts were present and gave speeches in the seminar, including Bro. Shigeru Ojima, Senior Researcher, the Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (RIALS) of the JTUC-RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation); Bro. Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary, the International Trade Union Confederation - Asia-Pacific (ITUC-AP); and Bro. Haiyani Rumondang, Director, the Bureau of Industrial Relations of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration.

The participants asked many questions about Japanese experiences, including the problems of outsourcing and non-regular employment in Japan, commitment of trade unions to address the issue of minimum wages, and the roles of the government, labour, and management in building social security systems.


02/27WedSeminar (Day 1)
02/28ThuSeminar (Day 2)

Photos of the Participants

Bro. Ojima, Senior Researcher of the RIALS, talks about social security in Japan and related issues.

A group of participants discusses social security in Indonesia and Japan.

A participant gives a summary of his group’s discussions and proposals.