Labour-Management Relations and Labour Policy Seminar in Mongolia

JILAF, together with the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU), held a labour-management relations and labour policy seminar focusing on labour legislation in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on February 5–7. The seminar was attended by 50 persons, including representatives of regional and industrial trade union organizations and union-supporting lawyers.

Mongolia is achieving high rates of economic growth, but it also suffers from a continuing inflation rate of over 10%, and the expansion of disparities and poverty has become a social problem. On the system side, although some progress has been seen, such as the introduction of a minimum wage system in 2010, the country’s Labour Code has not undergone any fundamental revision since its establishment in 1999 and is no longer in tune with economic and social developments.

The Mongolian government has been considering a revision of the Labour Code. Inaugurated in August 2012, the new administration centered on the Democratic Party has resumed discussions in a tripartite committee of government, labour, and management representatives and announced that parliamentary discussions will take place in the fall of 2013.

JILAF and the CMTU have been jointly holding the labour-management relations and labour policy seminar focusing on labour legislation since 2009 to study current legislative issues relating to labour and to discuss trade unions’ response toward a revision of the Labour Code. The latest seminar was held as an important forum for bringing together the views of trade unions, and many participants enthusiastically voiced their opinions.

The activities of trade unions attract a lot of attention in Mongolia. An address at the opening of the seminar by then CMTU President Ganbaatar Sainkhuu was covered by many media organizations, including domestic television stations, and on the final day of the seminar several CMTU executives took part in a debate aired on Mongolia’s national TV channel.

JILAF presented lectures on labour legislation in Japan, the importance of labour agreements, and recent discussions on legislative systems in other countries. It also announced that joint projects with the CMTU would be continued in the next fiscal year.


02/05TueSeminar (Day 1)
02/06WedSeminar (Day 2)
02/07ThuSeminar (Day 3)

Photos of the Participants

The seminar was widely covered by the media.

Group discussions

The winter temperature in Ulaanbaatar reaches –30 degrees ℃