Eurasian Team

JILAF invited a team of 10 persons from eight organizations in eight Eurasian countries to visit Japan from December 10 to 21.

Through the labour-related lectures, the participants learned a lot about the characteristics of the labour movement and labour-management relations in Japan. They showed special interest in labour agreements and actively and repeatedly asked questions about a wide range of topics, including the method of concluding labour agreements, the scope of application, and the relationship with labour legislation. From the perspective of maternal protection, they also asked many questions about such issues as pre- and post-childbirth leave and the state of acquisition of childcare leave.

In their visit to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in view of the fact that many people in their own countries migrate to West European countries in search of work, the participants showed an interest in the government’s policy toward foreign workers in Japan.

In the RENGO Tokushima program, the participants visited Tokushima Techno School, where they learned about the purpose of establishing the school, the curriculum, and the employment of graduates. They also observed an actual wood processing class, which enabled them to see the features of both wood processing using state-of-the-art machinery and wood processing by hand and to appreciate the need for vocational training in such schools. In discussions with RENGO Tokushima executives, they discussed such issues as relations between RENGO Tokushima and local governments and the main action policies of RENGO Tokushima, as well as learning about the role of a regional branch of RENGO. In particular, they showed great interest in the policy and system demands of regional RENGO branches.

At the National Association of Labour Banks, the participants showed much interest in the mutual-aid activities of labour banks, and many of them commented that they would like to see a system like labour banks introduced in their own countries.

List of Organization That Cooperated in the Visit

RENGO TokushimaTokushima Techno School
Tokushima Prefectural Government OfficeHello Work Tokushima
Tokushima Branch of Zen Suido (All-Japan Water Supply Workers’ Union)Tokushima City Waterworks Bureau
East Nippon Expressway Workers’ UnionNEXCO East Iwatsuki Traffic Control Center
National Association of Labour Banks

Many thanks to everyone.

Eurasian Team Participants

Azerbaijan Trade Union Confederation(AHIK)

1.NameMr. Vusal MAMMADOV
 Name of organizationUnion of State Organizations and Public Service Workers
 PositionHead of Legal Department
 Union experience7

Azerbaijan Trade Union Confederation(AHIK)

2.NameMr. Sabuhi IMANOV
 Name of organizationIndependent Trade Unions of Azerbaijan Education Employees
 PositionHead of International Relations Department
 Union experience5

Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions(BKDP)

3.NameMr. Raman Viktaravich YERASHENIA
 Name of organizationBelarusian Independant Trade Union(BNP)
 PositionBNP Press-secreetary
 Union experience5

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation(GTUC)

4.NameMs. Miranda MANDARIA
 Name of organizationTrade Union of Self Employed and Individual Sectors Workers'' of Georgia
 PositionBoard member and lawyer of GTUC
 Union experience7

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation(GTUC)

5.NameMs. Elza JGERENAIA
 Name of organizationGeorgian Trade Unions Confederation(GTUC)
 PositionSenior Economist
 Union experience5

Federation ofTrade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan(FTURK)

 Name of organizationSourh Kazakhstan Regional Branch of Trade Union of Health Workers of tha Republic of Kazakhstan
 Union experience30

Confederation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Moldova(CNSM)

7.NameMs. Elizaveta LURCU
 Name of organizationUnion Federation of Workers in Communications from the Republic of Moldova
 PositionDeputy President
 Union experience9

Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions(TURK-IS)

8.NameMr. Eyup ALBAS
 Name of organizationGeneral Mining Workers Union of Turkey
 Union experience15

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine(KVPU)

9.NameMr. Petro Perovich TULEI
 Name of organizationConfederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine(KVPU)
 Union experience5

Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan (TUFU)

10.NameMr. Bakhtiyor Makhmadaliev XASANOVICH
 Name of organizationCouncil of Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan for Health Protection Affairs
 Union experience14

Photos of Participants

Visit to the Japan Productivity Center

“Exchange of Views on Labour Situation” meeting

Visit to RENGO Tokushima

Visit to Tokushima Techno School

Courtesy visit to the governor of Tokushima Prefecture

Visit to Hello Work Tokushima

Discussion with the East Nippon Expressway Workers’ Union

Visit to the NEXCO East Iwatsuki Traffic Control Center

Discussion with JILAF President Takagi