Labour-Management Relations and Productivity Seminar (PROGRESS) in the Philippines

JILAF and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) held a labour-management relations and productivity seminar (PROGRESS) on December 9–13 in Tagaytay in the Philippines with the participation of 32 trade union leaders.

At the beginning of the seminar, TUCP Deputy General Secretary Cedric R. Bagtas remarked that in the Philippines the wealthy 1% of the population was monopolizing profits and the wages of ordinary workers were not rising. Therefore, he said, it was necessary to urge the return to workers of profits acquired through a revision of labour agreements and productivity improvements.

JILAF Executive Director Hisashige Danno then gave some words of encouragement, saying, “We strongly hope that the TUCP will engage in activities for the happiness and affluence of workers and continue to develop in the future.”

Usually the PROGRESS seminar lasts for four days, but this time it continued for five days, with the “mock collective bargaining” session being enhanced. The program consisted basically of sessions on (1) the role and challenges of trade unions, (2) labour standards and constructive labour-management relations, (3) the productivity movement and trade unions, and (4) social dialogue and collective bargaining. Changes added to the program this time (for example, lectures previously conducted by JILAF were given by the TUCP) were designed to promote independent management of the seminar by the national center concerned.

The participants asked such questions as what programs RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) and JILAF were providing to build constructive labour-management relations in Japanese companies operating overseas; in view of the increase number of dispatch and other nonregular workers in the Philippines, what policies RENGO was adopting to improve the rights of nonregular workers; and, regarding the distribution of profits, what was the actual situation in the case of construction workers, because it seems as though profits are not being properly distributed to these workers.

※PROGRESS = PROGram on Role of Trade Unions in Empowerment and Strategic Steps to Decent Work


12/09SunSeminar (Day 1)
12/10MonSeminar (Day 2)
12/11TueSeminar (Day 3)
12/12WedSeminar (Day 4)
12/13ThuSeminar (Day 5)

Photos of the Participants

A panel discussion was held on the experience of labour-management relations in the Philippines and Japan.

The 5S patrol practice took place at a sugar manufacturing plant.

Scene of mock collective bargaining