Labour-Management Relations and Labour Policy Seminar in Mongolia

JILAF and the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) jointly held a labour-management relations and labour policy seminar in the city of Darkhan, Mongolia, on September 10–12 with the participation of 28 leaders of enterprise-level unions in the iron and steel, railway, electric power, and other industries.
The seminar consisted of lectures on labour dispute settlement, unfair labour practices, and other issues in Japan and Mongolia, as well as group work and other activities.

Since the swift solution of labour disputes is difficult under the present labour law and system of the Mongolian government, many Mongolian workers have suffered as a result of dismissal and wage problems. For this reason, in 2008 the CMTU established an office for the prompt settlement of labour disputes, and since fiscal 2009 it has held seminars, in cooperation with JILAF, on the topic of labour dispute settlement. In this way, the CMTU has been striving to learn about various theories and case studies, strengthen union activities, and bring about a revision of Mongolia’s labour law.

The aim of this seminar was to support the formulation of the CMTU’s proposals in preparation for the scheduled revision of labour law in Mongolia in the fall of 2013. The seminar affirmed the CMTU’s basic position regarding labour law revision, introduced Japan’s experiences in relation to labour dispute settlement, unfair labour practices, the labour inspection system, and so on, and, through discussions with the participants, focused on the utilization of this knowledge in the CMTU’s compilation of its proposals.

At the end of the seminar, JILAF Deputy Secretary Kenichi Kumagai emphasized, “For the settlement of labour disputes, while making efforts to strengthen organization expansion, daily union activities, and labour-management negotiations and consultations, and also to conclude and improve collective agreements, it is most important to take care to prevent disputes from occurring in the first place.”

The participants made such comments as “I want to take what I have learned back to my union and make efforts toward the conclusion of a collective agreement” and “I would like to utilize what I have learned in this seminar for making a revision of labour law reflecting opinions of unions"


09/10MonLabour-management relations and labour policy seminar (Day 1)
09/11TueLabour-management relations and labour policy seminar (Day 2)
09/12WedLabour-management relations and labour policy seminar (Day 3)

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Group discussions

Group presentation

Icebreaker activity for seminar participants