Labour-Management Relations Seminar in Sri Lanka

JILAF and the Ceylon Workers' Congress (CWC), the national center in Sri Lanka, jointly held a labour-management relations seminar in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on July 26-28 with the participation of 28 union leaders active at the local level.

Centered on the theme of collective agreements, the seminar consisted of wide-ranging lectures, group work, and other activities on such topics as labour-management relations, labour-management dispute settlement, and collective bargaining.

In Sri Lanka, the rights of plantation workers, who comprise the CWC’s membership, are being violated due to the transgression of collective agreements by employers. This is the most important issue facing the CWC, and deepening the knowledge and understanding of union leaders regarding collective agreements is essential in order to achieve a solution.

In the seminar, CWC executives and outside speakers gave lectures on such topics as “The Role of Collective Agreements,” “Collective Agreements Relating to Wages and Working Conditions,” “The Enforcement of Collective Agreements,” and “Legislation and Practice Relating to Collective Bargaining,” in which they emphasized the importance of collective agreements.

In addition, JILAF Senior Advisor Yoshio Takahashi delivered lectures on “Labour-Management Relations in Japan” and “The Settlement of Labour-Management Disputes,” in which he introduced such topics as Japanese labour-management relations emphasizing dialogue, the legal position of collective agreements in Japan, and the efficacy of collective agreements in Japan.

Reflecting their eagerness to make positive efforts toward solving this problem, the participants made such comments as “I was able to acquire basic knowledge relating to collective agreements” and “I want to use what I learned in the seminar to protect workers in the field.”


07/26ThuLabour-management relations seminar (Day 1)
07/27FriLabour-management relations seminar (Day 2)
07/28SatLabour-management relations seminar (Day 3)

Photos of the Participants

Scene of the seminar

Participants engage enthusiastically in group work

A female participant actively asks a question