Labour-Management Relations Seminar Held in Cambodia

JILAF and the Cambodian Trade Union Coordination Council (CTUCC) jointly held a labour-management relations seminar in Phnom Penh on July 16-18 with the participation of 30 union leaders from the three organizations affiliated to the CTUCC (The Cambodian Confederation of Unions [CCU], The Cambodian Confederation of Trade Unions [CCTU], and The Cambodian Labour Confederation [CLC]).

The aim of this seminar was to enable participants to learn about Japan’s experience relating to short-term employment contracts, which are currently an issue in Cambodia, and to study the response of unions with the objective of promoting a sound labour movement in Cambodia.

First of all, the CTUCC delivered lectures on such topics as the present state of short-term employment contracts in Cambodia and the role of trade unions in relation to such contracts. It was explained that in Cambodia many workers do not have an understanding of contract details and simply conclude short-term employment contracts, which leads to low wages and job instability.

Next, JILAF Assistant General Secretary Kenichi Kumgai gave a lecture on fixed-term employment in Japan, in which he explained labour’s experience of repeatedly trying to persuade the government and management that fixed-term employment contracts diminish labour productivity and are not in the interest of either workers or employers and emphasized, “In order to be able to convince management, it is important for the organization to collect data, build a negotiating theory, and make efforts in unison.”

Finally, with reference to the lectures and group discussions, the participants compiled a joint statement addressed to the Ministor of Labour and chair of the Labour Advisory Committee titled “Agenda Item Request to the Labour Advisory Committee: Consultations Relating to Fixed-Term Employment Contracts.” Representatives of the three organizations affiliated to the CTUCC signed the statement, and the CTUCC decided to submit it to the labour minister in the next few days and to call for a discussion of fixed-term employment contracts at the Labour Advisory Committee’s meeting in August.

The participants made such comments as “It was very meaningful for all of the participants to be able to have discussions in order to enhance the rights of Cambodian workers” and “It was good not only to have discussions but also to formulate strategy. From now on also, the CTUCC will band together to tackle this problem.”


07/16MonLabour-management relations seminar (Day 1)
07/17TueLabour-management relations seminar (Day 2)
07/18WedLabour-management relations seminar (Day 3)

Photos of the Participants

JILAF Assistant General Secretary Kumagai addresses the opening ceremony

Scene of the seminar

Group discussions