Monitoring of Markapur Learning Center in India

On June 5 JILAF and the Indian Trade Union Congress (INTUC) conducted a monitoring of the Markapur Learning Center in the state of Andra Pradesh in India.

As part of its efforts to eradicate child labour, JILAF provides basic educational opportunities to poor children who have been unable to receive the minimum necessary education. The objective is for the children to transfer to public schools after receiving basic education for two years in a Learning Center (80 children each in the first and second years). In India, JILAF is operating the Markapur Learning Center in cooperation with the INTUC in a five-year project started in 2009. Over the past three years, about 120 children have gone on to public schools.

Since local trade unions take the initiative in these activities, it is hoped that the project will boost their presence in the local community. The monitoring this time included an inspection of management and lessons at the Markapur school, which is entering its fourth year. Of the 80 children who graduated last year, it was confirmed that 63 had transferred to public school. Because some parents of children attending the Learning Center are migrant workers, however, the reality is that the number of children quitting the school is increasing. By further strengthening its cooperation with the INTUC, JILAF intends to tackle this problem and find a solution in preparation for the next fiscal year.

Kranthi Kumar, the INTUC’s school coordinator, commented, “When we launched the school, it took time to convince poor families, which thought of children only as breadwinners, of the importance of education. However, the INTUC’s steady efforts have led to greater understanding in the community. From now on we want to establish a follow-up system for past graduates and contribute even more to the local society.”

As well as advice relating to school management, JILAF, through the INTUC, provides support for, among other things, textbooks, uniforms, school bags, school lunches, and teachers’ salaries.


06/05TueMonitoring of Markapur Learning Center

Photos of the Participants

Scene of a lesson

JILAF provides support for school lunches

Commemorative photo after the lesson