Cambodia-Mongolia Team

JILAF invited a total of eight persons (including four women) from two organizations in Cambodia and Mongolia to visit Japan from September 26 to October 9.

The participants displayed a keenness to utilize in their own activities back home what they learned, through the lectures at JILAF, visits, and discussions, about such topics as the Japanese labour movement, the characteristics of labour-management relations in Japan, and the productivity movement.
In particular, they asked a wide range of questions and engaged in lively discussions on such issues as problems relating to the low birthrate and aging, the improvement of productivity, the spring labour offensive and collective bargaining, and labour-management relations in multinational companies.
In the Rengo Shimane program, the participants visited a Hello Work employment office, where they heard an explanation of the employment insurance scheme and job introduction system and learned about the front-line support setup for unemployed persons and so on.
At UI Zensen (Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers’ Unions), they deepened their understanding of the organization and activities of an industrial union. In the following visit to an affiliated union and workplace, they went to the Iwatsuki Factory of Hanabishi Sewing Co., where they inspected the manufacturing process for made-to-order suits and held discussions with union executives on the activities of an enterprise-based union.
At the National Association of Labour Banks the participants deepened their understanding of the interconnectivity between the activities of labour banks and labour unions.
In addition, in the regional program, the participants visited the Peace Memorial Museum and Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. Deeply moved by the experience, they unanimously issued a “Peace Appeal” calling for (1) the abolition of nuclear weapons and realization of permanent peace in the world and (2) resolution of the problem of abductions by North Korea as quickly as possible.

Cambodia-Mongolia Team Peace Appeal (PDF file)

List of Organization That Cooperated in the Visit

Rengo ShimanePanasonic Electronic Devices Co.
Panasonic Electronic Devices Co. Labour Union Capacitor Matsue BranchHello Work Shimane
Hanabishi Sewing Co.Hanabishi Sewing Co. Labour Union
National Association of Labour BanksShimane Prefectural Government
UI Zensen

Many thanks to everyone.

Cambodia-Mongolia Team Participants

Cambodian Union Federation (CUF)

1.NameMr.Thorn MOM
 Name of organizationCambodian Union Federation(CUF)
 PositionDirector Defender Department
 Union experience15

Cambodian Union Federation (CUF)

2.NameMs.Thach SOK
 Name of organizationSalt Production of Kampot Province
 PositionSecretary General
 Union experience15

Cambodian Union Federation (CUF)

3.NameMr.Norn THOL
 Name of organizationNational Industrial Union of Brick and Tiles Worker (NIUBTW)
 Union experience10

Cambodian Union Federation (CUF)

4.NameMs.Makara KE
 Name of organizationCambodian Union of Gennon Garment Factory
 Union experience8

Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions(CMTU)

5.NameMr.Ganbold SUKHBAATAR
 Name of organizationMongolian Energy, Geology and Mining Workers'' Trade Union Federation 
 PositionPresident, CMTU Board Member
 Union experience20

Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions(CMTU)

6.NameMr.Gursed VAANCHIG
 Name of organizationBayankhongor Aimag Trade Union Federation
 PositionChairman of Bayankhongor Province Trade Union Federation, CMTU General Council Member
 Union experience18

Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions(CMTU)

7.NameMs.Narantuya CHAGNAA
 Name of organizationMongolian Medical Workers Trade Union Federation
 PositionSecretary of Mongolian Medical Workers Trade Union Federation
 Union experience17

Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions(CMTU)

8.NameMs.Selenge TSEDEVSUREN
 Name of organizationConfederation of Mongolian Trade Union
 PositionSecretary in charge of internal affairs
 Union experience20

Photos of Participants

Courtesy visit to Rengo General Secretary Hiroyuki Nagumo

Learning about the productivity movement at the Japan Productivity Center

Visit to the Film Capacitor Division of Panasonic Electronic Devices Co.

Courtesy visit to Shimane Prefecture Governor Zenbei Mizoguchi

Visit to Hello Work Matsue

Visit to UI Zensen

Visit to the Iwatsuki Factory of Hanabishi Sewing Co.

Visit to the National Association of Labour Banks

All eight participants make an appeal for peace.