Myanmar-Laos Team

—Online meetings held from November 23 to December 4, 2020—

Opening ceremony (Laos)

A total of five persons (including two women) in Laos and five persons (including two women) in Myanmar participated from Monday, November 23 to Friday, November 27 and from Monday, November 30 to Friday, December 4, respectively, and completed the whole program.

Due to movement restrictions to counter the Covid-19 pandemic, the participants in Myanmar had to take part via individual online environments (at home or at their workplace), but no problems in particular occurred regarding connectivity. In this program, people who had taken part in the invitation program in the past participated in the whole program as coordinators and administrators, thereby contributing by facilitating the smooth operation of the program and promoting the better understanding of participants. In question-and-answer time on the final day of the program, discussions focused in particular on the activities of Japanese trade unions and Japan’s social security system amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following were the main points of the action plans proposed by the participants:
(1) “I will choose 10 workplaces in the capital of Vientiane and commence consultations toward the conclusion of labour agreements.” (Laos)
(2) “I will conduct investigations toward the establishment of a tripartite council handling issues of industrial relations.” (Laos)
(3) “I will implement training to raise awareness of labour legislation and the social security system.” (Myanmar)
(4) “I will hold consultations with local trade union executives every month with the aim of improving industrial relations in the workplace.” (Myanmar)

List of Cooperating Organizations

RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)Japan Productivity Center
Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)Zenrosai Kyokai (National Association of Workers’ Welfare and Cooperative Insurance)

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

Participants (Laos)

Participants (Myanmar)