Labour-Management Relations and Productivity Seminar (PROGRESS) in Thailand

With the participation of 24 union leaders, JILAF and International Trade Union Confederation - Thai Council (ITUC-TC) jointly held a seminar on labour-management relations and productivity (PROGRESS) in Samut Prakan, Thailand from February 11-14.

This comprehensive program sought to assist participants to gain knowledge on constructive labour-management relations and the productivity improvement movement (so-called “5S” and “Kaizen” practices).

Following completion of this program, it is expected that the participants will in turn act as instructors to improve their own workplaces using skills and strategies acquired.

In the seminar, participants focused upon the following;
(1) the role of and issues faced by labour unions, (2) labour standards and constructive labour-management relations, (3) the productivity movement and labour unions, and (4) managing dialogue and negotiations between labour and management.

Participants visited the plant of Srithai Superware Public Company Limited (battery case producing company) to see the good 5S practices and to suggest kaizen-related ideas to the management of the company.

During a mock collective bargaining session, the participants honed skills on methods of negotiation regarding wages, lump sum payments and other conditions. This experience reinforced the importance of negotiating firmly but calmly with an objective attitude.

In Thailand, rise of minimum wage is a major issue these days. During the mock collective bargaining, some negotiated for a rise.

As the conclusion of the program drew near, there was a session for dialogue with the management. The participants understood the management’s recognition of ‘Productivity’ followed by a question and answer (Q&A) session.

Participants’ comments included the following;
‘I realized that trust and goodwill between the Labour-Management is necessary for establishing good Labour-Management relations’, and; ‘I would like to use the knowledge from the program to strengthen my union and improve the productivity of my workplace’.

*PROGRESS = PROGram on Role of trade unions in Empowerment and Strategic Steps to decent work
*The 5S principles refer to the first letters of five Japanese words: seiri (sorting), seiton (systematic arrangement), seiso (spic and span), seiketsu (standardizing), and shitsuke (self-discipline).


02/11SatPROGRESS Seminar (Day 1)
02/12SunPROGRESS Seminar (Day 2)
02/13MonPROGRESS Seminar (Day 3)
02/14TuePROGRESS Seminar (Day 4)

Photos of the Participants

Lecture by Mr. Savit, President of ITUC-TC

Group discussion

Visit to Srithai Superware Public Company Limited