Middle East and Northern Africa Team

JILAF invited a team of nine persons (including two women) from five countries and one territory in the Middle East and northern Africa to visit Japan from February 5 to 18.

The participants showed great interest in such topics as labour-management relations, including dispute settlement, employment, productivity improvement, and the setup and history of Japan’s enterprise-based unions. They enthusiastically learned about the labour situation in Japan and engaged in substantial discussions.

In the RENGO Kagawa program, they held discussions with RENGO Kagawa executives mainly on such topics as the role of local RENGO branches, relations between the regions and the center, and involvement in politics. In their visit to the Shido Plant of Tadano Ltd., they learned about the process of labour-management cooperation for the settlement of disputes between labour and management.

In their visit to Kikan Roren (Japan Federation of Basic Industry Workers’ Unions), the participants received an explanation of how union shops are made possible by a common understanding between labour and management that labour-management cooperation leads to industrial development, livelihood improvement, and the securing of jobs. In their visit to the Kimitsu Works of Nippon Steel Corporation, they learned about the special characteristic of the site by which workers are organized separately by cooperative company and type of job in the steelworks and the union members mutually endeavor to achieve cross-sectional coordination transcending industrial type.

In addition, the participants understood the fact that stable labour-management relations lead to employment stability and, in relation to mechanisms for the settlement of labour-management disputes, showed an interest in the function of Japan’s labour tribunal system.

List of Cooperating Organizations

RENGO KagawaHello Work Takamatsu
Takamatsu CityTadano Ltd.
Tadano Workers’ UnionKikan Roren (Japan Federation of Basic Industry Workers’ Unions)
Nippon Steel Corporation Kimitsu WorksNippon Steel Corporation Kimitsu Workers’ Union
Zenrosai (National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives)

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

Visit to RENGO

Visit to the Japan Productivity Center

Reports on the labour situation and other issues in participating countries in the “Exchange of Views on Labour Situation” meeting

Visit to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima

Participants pray for peace.

Courtesy visit to the mayor of Takamatsu City

Visit to Hello Work Takamatsu

Visit to RENGO Kagawa

Visit to Kikan Roren

Visit to Nippon Steel Kimitsu Works

Zenrosai lecture

Discussion with JILAF President Tsuyoshi Takagi