Central and South America Team

JILAF invited 10 persons from nine national center organizations in seven Central and South American countries to visit Japan from December 4 to 15.

In the labour-related lectures, the participants learned about the role and issues of trade unions and labour legislation in Japan and acquired basic knowledge of the Japanese labour movement. After that, they visited various labour-related organizations and, in light of the knowledge acquired in the lectures, studied such topics as (1) the organizational outline and campaign policy of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation); (2) labour administration efforts at the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare; (3) the efforts of an industrial labour organization to improve working conditions, as well as its policy system and political activities; (4) the productivity movement in Japan and the role of unions; (5) the activities of a local RENGO; and (6) the organization of labour banks and their relationship with unions.

The participants made such comments as “There is no setup like the labour banks in my country, but establishing such bodies would be very meaningful” and “In Brazil we have been repeating trial-and-error efforts to establish an organization like the labour banks, but as yet to no avail. After my return, I would like to make efforts toward its realization in cooperation with JILAF.”

In Hiroshima, the participants visited the Peace Memorial Museum and Atomic Bomb Dome. This visit to Hiroshima was included in the program to enable the participants to feel the importance of peace by observing one of the bombed areas in Japan, the only country in the world to have experienced atomic bombing, with their own eyes. The participants made such comments as “I want to tell many people about my experience in Hiroshima and convey to them how foolish it is to possess nuclear weapons.” Such comments are evidence that JILAF is fulfilling its responsibility as an organization founded by labour unions.

The program ended with a discussion between the participants and JILAF President Tsuyoshi Takagi, in which the participants aired their opinions of the two-week program and confirmed the importance of international solidarity efforts.

List of Organization That Cooperated in the Visit

RENGO KochiKochi Prefectural Government Office
Kochi City Government OfficeHarigi Water Purification Plant
Hello Work KochiDenki Rengo (Japanese Electrical, Electronic, and Information Union)
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Kawasaki FactoryFuji Electric Union, Kawasaki Branch
National Association of Labour Banks

Many thanks to everyone.

Central and South America Team Participants

Confederacion General del Trabajo de la Republica Argentina (CGT)

1.NameMr. Eduardo Omar Cabello Gonzalez
 Name of organizationUnion Obrera de la Construccion de la Republica Argentina
 PositionSecretario General, Vocal Titular 4 de CGT
 Union experience24

Força Sindical (FS)

2.NameMr. Rodrigo Alves Carvelo
 Name of organizationForca Sindical(FS) Goias
 PositionPresidente de Forca Sindical del Estado de Goias, Miembro de la Direccion Nacional de Forca Sindical
 Union experience7

Uniao Geral dos Trabalhadores (UGT)

3.NameMr. Leocides Fornazza
 Name of organizationSindicato dos Empregados no Comercio de Maringa
 PositionDiretor Presidente
 Union experience10

Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Chile (CUT)

4.NameMr. Juan Antonio Moreno Gamboa
 Name of organizationSindicato Interempresas de Trabajadores de Supermercados Lider
 Union experience7

Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Chile (CUT)

5.NameMs. karen Francisca Palma Tapia
 Name of organizationFederacion Metropolitana de Trabajadores de lo Salud Cut Zonal Oriente
 PositionSecretaria de Organizaciones
 Union experience5

Confederacion de Trabajadores de Colombia (CTC)

6.NameMs. Aida Teresa Garzon Urrea
 Name of organizationAsociacion Colombiana de Empleados Bancarios (ACEB)
 PositionVice Presidenta Seccional Bogota, Miembro Junta Nacional
 Union experience15

Confederacion Nacional de Unidad Sindical (CNUS)

7.NameMs. Jacqueline Rosario Hernandez Sanchez
 Name of organizationConfederacion Nacional de Unidad Sindical (CNUS)
 PositionSecretaria General Adjunta, Coordinadora Alterna del Departamento de Equidad de Genero
 Union experience18

Confederación de Trabajadores de México (CTM)

8.NameMs. Maura Patricia Hernandez Tapia
 Name of organizationConfederacion de Trabajadores de Mexico (CTM)
 PositionSecretaria de Accion Politica del Comite Nacional
 Union experience8

Unión Nacional de Trabajadores (UNT)

9.NameMr. Armando Garcia Gonzalez
 Name of organizationSindicato de Telefonistas de la Republica Mexicana (STRM)
 PositionPresidente de la Comision Nacional Autonoma de Honor y Justicia del STRM
 Union experience14

Confederacion de Trabajadores de Venezuela (CTV)

10.NameMr. Alejandro Sanchez Camacaro
 Name of organizationFederacion de Trabajadores de la Construccion, Madera, Conexos y Similares
 PositionPresidente de la Comision Electoral,Asesor del Departamento de Educacion, Tutor de Formacion
 Union experience10

Photos of Participants

Scene of labour-related lecture

Learning about gender equality at the RENGO Headquarters

Learning about labour administration at the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare

Learning about the productivity movement at the Japan Productivity Center

Reporting on the labour situation in their own countries in the “Exchange of Views on Labour Situation” meeting

A participant from Chile talks about the labour situation in his country.

Learning about the preciousness of peace in Hiroshima

Discussion with RENGO Kochi executives

Discussion with Denki Rengo

Greetings by Denki Rengo Chairman Shoji Arino

Discussion with union executives at the Kawasaki Factory of Fuji Electric

Learning about the efforts of labour banks