12th Youth Leadership Course (Multinational Seminar)

Group photo at the Youth Leadership Course

JILAF, together with the Asia-Pacific Regional Office of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-AP) and the Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute (OTCI), held the 12th Youth Leadership Course in Singapore for 10 days from June 25 (Tuesday) to July 4 (Thursday).

JILAF has been holding this course together with the ITUC-AP and the OTCI since 1992 with the aim of fostering young trade union leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s course, the 28th in total, was attended by 28 people (of whom 17 were women) from 17 countries. President Hiroyuki Nagumo, Secretary General Ryo Saito, and Thailand Office Deputy Representative Yuki Otsuji attended as instructors from JILAF

At the opening ceremony on the first day, JILAF President Nagumo and ITUC-AP General Secretary Shoya Yoshida gave addresses on behalf of the organizers. During the 10-day program, on the first day, June 25, JILAF President Nagumo gave a lecture on “The Objectives and Role of Trade Unions,” in which he kicked off the training by proposing issues.

On June 27 JILAF Secretary General Saito delivered a lecture titled “Toward the Building of Constructive Industrial Relations,” focusing on the Japanese model of constructive industrial relations fostered by Japanese labour and management over many years. In the lecture he shared information on such topics as (1) the transformation of industrial relations in Japan and the labour-management consultation system; (2) the present state of trade unions in Japan; (3) the functions (economic, welfare, and political) and role of trade unions; (4) the rallying and integration of the labour movement to raise the living standards of the public and workers; (5) the strengthening of relations of trust with workplace union members and efforts by labour and management, with a sense of ownership, to improve the working environment and stabilize employment; (6) the acquisition of fair distribution through the contribution of workers to productivity improvement; and (7) the importance of social dialogue.

On June 28 Deputy Representative Otsuji of the JILAF Thailand Office held a workshop on the theme of “Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue.” The participants played the roles of employers and trade unions in mock collective bargaining, enabling them to actually experience the importance of the preparatory process and the feelings of both labour and management during negotiations.
As well as the lectures from JILAF, the participants heard various lectures from the ITUC-AP and the OTCI on such topics as teamwork, presentation readiness, decent work, gender equality, migrant labour, social security and fair taxation, working conditions, organization, core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), youth employment, collective bargaining, and the elimination of discrimination.


06/25TueYouth Leadership Course day 1
06/26WedYouth Leadership Course day 2
06/27ThuYouth Leadership Course day 3
06/28FriYouth Leadership Course day 4
06/29SatYouth Leadership Course day 5
06/30SunYouth Leadership Course day 6
07/01MonYouth Leadership Course day 7
07/02TueYouth Leadership Course day 8
07/03WedYouth Leadership Course day 9
07/04ThuYouth Leadership Course day 10

Photos of the Participants

Opening address by JILAF

Lecture by JILAF Secretary

Mock negotiations