NTUC/JILAF Nonformal School Management Meeting and Teacher Training Held in Nepal (April)

Group photo at the nonformal school management meeting

As a part of its international social development activities, JILAF has been implementing the School Project for the Eradication of Child Labour in India and Nepal for many years in cooperation with the national centers in those countries.

In Nepal, the project has been implemented since 1996, and at present the nonformal schools, which operate a three-year system, have about 450 pupils in attendance. Fiscal 2019 marks the third year of their studies.

On the occasion of the start of a new fiscal year, on April 9 (Tuesday) JILAF gathered teachers of the nine schools and school administrators for a nonformal school management meeting in Kathmandu. In the meeting, the participants shared information about the achievements of school management and issues in fiscal 2018. Especially notable results included (1) two graduates were scheduled to complete postgraduate studies at university; (2) after the opening of a school in an isolated poor slum area, a positive change was seen in the district as a whole; and (3) assistance of 170,000 rupees was received from an employers’ organization, enabling the purchase of study desks, chairs, whiteboards, electric fans, and other equipment. In addition, with school management beginning in May, the participants confirmed a school management policy for fiscal 2019. They also pledged to further strengthen information sharing and collaboration among JILAF, the Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) headquarters and branches, teachers, and others, firmly fulfill their duties and roles, and make efforts in unison to improve the abilities of students.

After the nonformal school management meeting, two days of teacher training were held on April 10 (Wednesday) and 11 (Thursday) with the aim of improving the classroom techniques of schoolteachers. There were also lectures on English conversation teaching methods and environment building for better learning.


04/09TueNonformal school management meeting
04/10WedTeacher training (Day 1)
04/11ThuTeacher training (Day 2)

Photos of the Participants

Address by NTUC General Secretary Yogendra Kumar Kunwar

Scene of the school management meeting

A nonformal school graduate who is now a university student and assistant teacher at her former school