ILO Multinational Seminar in Thailand

JILAF and the International Labour Organization (ILO) jointly held a multinational seminar in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 8-12 with the participation of 17 young union leaders from the Asia-Pacific region.

Speaking on behalf of the organizers, a JILAF official stated, “Recovery from the economic crisis is taking place at the expense of the livelihood of workers. In order to restore a society that places importance on the dignity of labour, we want you to learn a lot in this seminar and contribute to improving the daily lives of workers.”

In the five-day seminar that followed, there were lectures on such topics as (1) the impact of globalization and issues, (2) the present state of employment, labour legislation, and labour-management relations in the Asia-Pacific region, (3) employment relations, labour legislation, and the rights of workers, and (4) issues facing trade unions in the promotion of decent work.

From JILAF, Yoshiko Ichikawa, director of the Employment Legislation Division of the Department of Working Conditions at RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation), talked about “the role and issues of the trade union movement in Japan” and “labour legislation and the activities of unions in Japan.” The participants asked many questions about the details of Japan’s Labour Standards Act, methods of settlement of labour-management disputes, and especially the labour tribunal system.

On the final day each of the participants compiled an action plan and set specific objectives, such as “After my return, I will implement a training program for young and female union members” and “I will hold a workshop for leaders in order to enhance our monitoring of the revision of labour legislation and the situation after revision.”


08/08MonMultinational seminar Day1
08/09TueMultinational seminar Day2
08/10WedMultinational seminar Day3
08/11ThuMultinational seminar Day4
08/12FriMultinational seminar Day5

Photos of the Participants

Orientation by the ILO

Group discussion

Lecture on labour legislation in Japan

Lecture by the ILO

Lively question-and-answer session

Seminar participants