Informal School Management Meeting in Nepal

JILAF and the Nepal Trade Union Congress-Independent (NTUC-I) held a school management meeting for the nine informal schools that they jointly operate in Nepal on April 19 and 20. The meeting, which was held in Bharatpur in the Chitwan district of Nepal near the border with India, was attended by about 40 teachers and people involved in school management.

JILAF implements the “school project for the eradication of child labour” in Nepal in order to promote measures against child labour. The informal schools provide basic education to poor children who have been denied the minimum necessary education with the hope that they will then transfer to ordinary public schools.

When the project was started in 1996, there were 9-month and 12-month informal schools in Nepal, and every year more than 80% of the pupils admitted to them transferred to public schools. In fiscal 2008 a three-year system was introduced, and 384 students graduated in April 2011. Around 85% of the admitted students transferred to public schools and are continuing their studies there.

At the school management meeting, the participants overviewed school management in the last three years and discussed management policy for the new school year beginning in May, confirming their determination to tackle school management together from now on.

After the meeting, there were monitoring visits to the Parsa, Bara, Nawalparasi, and Rupandehi schools. At each school, graduation ceremonies were held with the participation of graduating students, parents, school officials, and others. The graduation certificates were presented by JILAF Executive Director-General Yoshio Takahashi. Parents and school officials expressed their gratitude for JILAF’s informal school project with such comments as “By entering the JILAF school, the children have become able to read, write, and do their sums and to have dreams for the future” and “When the school first opened, it did not have the trust of the local community, so it was hard sending poor children to school, but now there are many children wishing to enter the school.”


04/19TueVisit to the Japanese Embassy in Nepal
04/20WedSchool Management Meeting Day 1
04/21ThuSchool Management Meeting Day 2
04/22FriMonitoring at the Parsa and Bara schools
04/23SatMonitoring at the Nawalparasi and Rupandehi schools

Photos of the Participants

JILAF Executive Director-General Yoshio Takahashi talks about the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the efforts of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) in response

Participants engage in lively discussions

A ceremony at a new building of Parsa school was held

A child receives a graduation certificate at the Bara school

A child receives a graduation certificate at the Nawalparasi school

A graduating student speaks at the Rupandehi school