JILAF and the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) jointly held "POSITIVE Evaluation Seminar" in Coimbatore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu on November 3-5 with the participation of 29 union leaders.

The objective of this project, which receives support from the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects scheme of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to conduct workplace environment improvement at 13 factories in the region and to train people who can lead environment improvement activities in their workplaces.

The project consists of (1) a basic seminar in which JILAF visits factories and offers technical guidance for the improvement of workplace environments; (2) a training seminar in which participants practice what they learned in the basic seminar; (3) a workplace seminar in which participants offer technical guidance to workers in the 13 workplaces; and (4) an evaluation seminar in which participants report on improvements made in the 13 workplaces. The evaluation seminar, the final phase of the project, was held this time.

The seminar program included demonstration of the technical areas practiced by the participants in the workplace seminar, reports on improvement results in each workplace, and lectures on health and safety efforts in Japan and labour-management relations in Japan.

In the reports on improvement results in each workplace, participants were asked to describe specifically what improvements had been made. There were reports on 78 cases of improvement centering on health and safety and the actual working environment, such as “We introduced hygienic drinking water in the workplace” and “We installed low-cost machine covers.” There were also reports of proposals from the union to management and the improvement of labour-management relations.

In the closing ceremony, INTUC Tamil Nadu General Secretary V. R. Jaganathan remarked, “Thanks to the full cooperation of JILAF and the sustained efforts of all of the participants, we have been able to achieve enormous progress in Coimbatore.”


11/03ThuSeminar Day 1
11/04FriSeminar Day 2
11/05SatSeminar Day 3

Photos of the Participants

JILAF Executive Director-General Yoshio Takahashi talks about labour-management relations in Japan.

Reports on improvement results in each workplace

A participant reports on improvements to a material rack.

Improvement reports by all of the participants

Group discussion on the implementation of improvements

INTUC Tamil Nadu General Secretary Jaganathan gives his assessment of the seminar.