Green Jobs and Decent Work Seminar in the Philippines

JILAF and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) held a seminar on green jobs and decent work on October 17 and 18 on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines; 26 union members participated.

At the beginning, Vice-President Nicandro Borja of the Northern Mindanao Branch of the Allied Labour Union (ALU), an industrial federation affiliated to the TUCP, stated, “Unions also must actively participate in environment-friendly green jobs and link the campaign to the issues of employment, climate change, and poverty reduction. At the same time, accidents resulting in death are occurring frequently in shipbuilding companies, so it is important to tackle industrial health and safety as well. There are many issues facing us, and I hope that through this seminar we will be able to find solutions to them.”

The two-day seminar program included (1) a lecture on climate change, green jobs, and decent work, (2) a lecture on efforts relating to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change by the Philippines, (3) a lecture on the efforts of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) relating to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, (4) a lecture on the green-job activities of the Philippine government’s Department of Labour and Employment, (5) a visit to a bus company, and (6) the compilation of a green-job checklist to survey whether efforts are being made toward the efficient use of energy and waste reduction.

In addition, in the lecture on RENGO’s efforts relating to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Assistant Director Yoshiharu Sonezaki of the Social Policy Division of RENGO’s Department of Economic and Social Policy explained, among other things, RENGO’s basic policy regarding the convention. Participants asked such questions as “What kind of green-job activities are being implemented in Japan?” and “Tell us some specific examples in which employment has been created through green jobs.”

From now on it is hoped that, on the initiative of TUCP, the government, labour, and management will cooperate in finding solutions to these issues.


10/17MonMeeting with TUCP
10/18TueSeminar Day 1 (plant visit)
10/19WedSeminar Day 2

Photos of the Participants

Lecture on RENGO’s efforts and activities

Lecture on the impact of climate change on employment

Compiling a green-job checklist