Industrial Relations and Labour Policy Seminars in Mongolia

Opening remarks by JILAF Deputy Secretary General Niizuma

JILAF, together with the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU), held two-day industrial relations and labour policy seminars in Ulaanbaatar on July 1–2 and in Sukhbaatar in Selenge Province on July 4–5. The seminars were attended by a total of about 130 persons, including the head of the policy section of Mongolia’s Ministry of Industry and Agriculture and Selenge Province Governor Sh. Orgil.

The seminars began with opening addresses from CMTU Vice-President S. Erdenebat, CMTU General Secretary G. Adiya, and JILAF Deputy Secretary General Kenji Niizuma, who welcomed the participants and explained the purpose and objectives of the seminars.

JILAF Deputy Secretary General Niizuma then kicked off the proceedings with a lecture titled “The Role of Japanese Trade Unions and Issues,” in which he explained the history of Japanese trade unions and their organizational structure and activities, as well as demands to the government and employers toward the realization of policies. In response, the participants asked questions and stated their opinions on a wide range of topics, including minimum wage trends in Japan, the content of consultations with the government, organization methods, the mechanism for resolving industrial disputes, and human resource development for trade union members. Next, JILAF Group Leader Naohiro Tsuji gave an outline of the social security system in Japan and also introduced the “Project to Strengthen Capacity Building in the Social Insurance Sector,” which is being implemented in Mongolia by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

From the CMTU side, CMTU President Amgalanbaatar Khayankhyarvaa and Vice-President Erdenebat explained future policy, emphasizing the role of local trade unions and the need for human resource development. In addition, in a lecture titled “CMTU Policy on Labour Legislation Reform” in Mongolia, they explained about changes in Mongolia’s labour laws from past to present and shared information on matters that had been agreed by the government, labour, and management and matters that were under discussion.

Next, there were reports of activities at the aimag (province) or sum (county) level, reports of best practices, and reports on the activities of industrial trade unions in the educational, medical, and agricultural fields. Through lively questions and answers, the sharing of information with participants was promoted.

In the afternoon of the second day of the seminars, the participants divided into six groups for group discussions and then presentations. Lively discussions took place in all of the groups. Following presentations by the participants, the CMTU leaders (president and vice-president) expressed their gratitude for JILAF’s immense cooperation and urged the participants to utilize what they had learned in the seminar in their future activities. They also summarized the opinions of the participants and declared their intention to reflect them in next year’s activity policy.

Finally, expressing his utmost appreciation for the positive attitude of the participants over the two days, JILAF Deputy Secretary General Niizuma wrapped up the seminar by stressing the importance in Mongolia of activities at the sum level and conveying his hopes for future activities.


07/01SunSeminar day 1 (in Ulaanbaatar)
07/02MonSeminar day 2 (in Ulaanbaatar)
07/03TueSeminar day 1 (in Sukhbaatar, Selenge Province)
07/04WedSeminar day 2 (in Sukhbaatar, Selenge Province)

Photos of the Participants

JILAF lecture on Japan’s social security system (Ulaanbaatar)

MTU President Amgalanbaatar delivers a lecture. (Ulaanbaatar)

CMTU Vice-President Erdenebat delivers a lecture. (Ulaanbaatar)

Group discussions (Ulaanbaatar)

Presentation of results of group discussions (Ulaanbaatar)

Group photo of seminar participants (Ulaanbaatar)

Selenge Province Governor Orgil addresses the seminar. (Sukhbaatar, Selenge Province)

A seminar participant asks a question. (Sukhbaatar, Selenge Province)

Group photo of seminar participants (Sukhbaatar, Selenge Province)