Labor-Management Relations and Productivity Seminar in Poland

JILAF and the Independent and Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarnosc (NSZZ) of Republic of Poland jointly held a seminar on labor-management relations and productivity in Gdansk, Poland, on October 6 and 7 with the participation of 17 trade union leaders.

In consideration of the fact that more than 260 Japanese companies are operating in Poland, creating about 250,000 employments, the objective of the seminar was to contribute to employment continuity by explaining the position of Japanese companies regarding employment continuity, exchanging information on the labor movement and labor situation in Japan and Poland, and discussing social conditions in the two countries.

In the seminar, among other topics, there were lectures from JILAF on “labor-management relations in Japan” and “trade unions and corporate social responsibility” and from the NSZZ on “collective bargaining and dispute settlement in Poland” and “the status of Japanese companies in Poland.” Lively discussions followed the sessions.

Participants made such comments as “Labor and management in Poland were in a state of constant confliction, but I was able to learn about labor-management relations in Japan and obtain new knowledge” and “Utilizing what I learned in this seminar as reference, I want to promote the conclusion of labor agreements in Japanese companies.”


10/06ThuLabor-management relations and productivity seminar (Day 1)
10/07FriLabor-management relations and productivity seminar (Day 2)

Photos of the Participants

Opening address by Mr. Yoshio Takahashi, Executive Director-General of JILAF

Lecture on labor-management relations in Japan

The NSZZ headquarters