Labor-Management Relations and Productivity Seminar (PROGRESS) in Mongolia

JILAF and the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) jointly held a seminar on labor-management relations and productivity (PROGRESS) in Darkhan-Uul Province, Mongolia, on September 24-27 with the participation of 27 leaders from industrial and regional unions.

The objective of this seminar is to foster workplace instructors by offering a package program in which participants learn comprehensively about such topics as constructive labor-management relations and the productivity improvement movement (so-called 5S improvement).

In the seminar, there were lectures on such topics as (1) the role and issues of labor unions, (2) labor standards and constructive labor-management relations, (3) the productivity movement and trade unions, and (4) dialogue and negotiations between labor and management. In addition, as 5S patrol practice, the participants visited a metallurgical plant in Darkhan, where they inspected conditions and made suggestions for improvement, including the wearing of safety devices, such as goggles and helmets, by management and the installation of safety equipment on machinery and materials.

Finally, the participants made such comments as “ I understand the importance of labor and management cooperating and working together in the productivity improvement movement” and “ We would like to have similar seminars with our knowledge by this seminar at the provincial, industrial, and workplace levels.”

※PROGRESS = PROGram on Role of trade unions in Empowerment and Strategic Steps to decent work
※The 5S principles refer to the first letters of five Japanese words: seiri (sorting), seiton (systematic arrangement), seiso (spic and span), seiketsu (standardizing), and shitsuke (self-discipline).


09/24SatLabor-management relations and productivity seminar (Day 1)
09/25SunLabor-management relations and productivity seminar (Day 2)
09/26MonLabor-management relations and productivity seminar (Day 3)
09/27TueLabor-management relations and productivity seminar (Day 4)

Photos of the Participants

5S patrol practice at a metallurgical plant

Many suggestions by the participants to management side on improvement

The seminar participants