Labour-Management Relations Seminar in Vietnam

JILAF and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) jointly held a seminar on labour-management relations in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, on September 6-8 with the participation of 29 VGCL members, mainly the leaders at Japanese companies and organizers at industrial park.

The objective of the seminar was to promote the building of sound labour-management relations in Japanese companies operating in Vietnam. There are 66 Japanese companies operating in Dong Nai Province, adjacent to the city of Ho Chi Minh, and they create about 60,000 employments.

In the seminar, Mr. Hiroshi Terada, Director, Department of Organizational Arrairs of JTUC-RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) made sessions on “labour agreements in Japan and their conclusion” and “labour-management dispute settlement in Japan.” Mr. Terada stated, “In order to improve the unionizsation rate, it is important for the organization to unite and make efforts for a common goal.”

There was a lively barrage of questions, with participants asking “How would you respond in Japan if a union leader were forced to resign?” and “How should unions respond to a proposal by management for wage cuts due to the company’s downturn?”. In addition, many participants also learn the example of Japanese unions as reference in tackling labour disputes arising in their own unions.

On the final day, as a workplace visit, the participants visited Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., and they were explained by the union leaders on efforts to improve the working environment and technologies in order to achieve production goal. The participants asked specific questions about such issues as cooperation between the unions at the head office in Japan and overseas branches, changes in labour-management relations with ececutives’ personnel transfers of company side.


09/06TueLabour-management relations seminar (Day 1)
09/07WedLabour-management relations seminar (Day 2)
09/08ThuLabour-management relations seminar (Day 3)

Photos of the Participants

Opening address by Mr. Vo Van Nhat, Deputy Director, International Department of VGCL

Session on trade unions in Japan by Director Hiroshi Terada, Department of Organizational Arrairs of JTUC-RENGO

Scene of the seminar