Labour Agreement Seminar in Laos

JILAF and the Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU) jointly held a labour agreement seminar in Vientiane Province, Laos, on September 5-7. Twenty-one union leaders (including three women) participated from six northern provinces and Vientiane Capital in Laos.

At the beginning of the seminar, LFTU Vice President Simoune Uonlasy addressed the participants, saying, “At present there are about 18,000 companies operating in Laos, but only 80 firms have concluded labour agreements. I want you to study Japan’s experience in ways of concluding labour agreements and learn about how trade unions should set about solving the problem.”

The three-day seminar covered such topics as Japan’s legislation relating to labour agreements, its experience in concluding labour agreements, and the establishment of labour agreements and strengthening of trade unions, as well as mock collective bargaining and discussions with employers. General Secretary Shojiro Nishizawa of the National Trade Union Productivity Congress in Japan (formerly president of the IHI Labour Union) was invited to speak about labour-management relations and labour agreements in Japan. General Secretary Nishizawa stressed, “Although labour-management relations are different in Japan and Laos, I believe that relations between people are the same. If there are any points in Japan’s experience that might be of reference, please use them in your activities.”

The participants made such comments as “I was surprised to hear that negotiations in Japan take place with labour and management on an equal footing” and “I want to utilize what I have learned in this seminar in trade union educational activities here in Laos.”


09/05MonSeminar day 1
09/06TueSeminar day 2
09/07WedSeminar day 3

Photos of the Participants

Group discussions on the strengthening of trade unions through the conclusion of labour agreements

Group presentations on how to conclude a workplace labour agreement

Participants explain their analysis of company conditions in mock negotiations