Labour-Management Relations and Productivity Seminar in the Philippines

JILAF and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) jointly held the PROGRESS labour-management relations and productivity seminar in Tagaytay, the Philippines, from August 29 to September 1 with the participation of 26 union leaders.

The objective of this program is to groom workplace instructors through group discussions and practical training relating to the productivity movement and collective bargaining, as well as labour-related lectures.

The four-day seminar covered such topics as the role of trade unions and issues, core labour standards and constructive labour-management relations, the productivity movement and trade unions, and social dialogue with management and effective negotiations. In the practical workplace session to check the so-called 5S principles, the participants visited Batangas Sugar Central, a company engaged in sugar manufacture.

The participants made such comments as “I was able to understand that if trade unions build constructive labour-management relations and get involved in the productivity movement, it can lead to decent work in the workplace” and “I want to immediately implement the practical training that I learned in the seminar in my own workplace.”

※PROGRESS = PROGram on Role of trade unions in Empowerment and Strategic Steps to decent work
※The 5S principles refer to the first letters of five Japanese words: seiri (sort), seiton (set/put things in order), seiso (shine/clean), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain/discipline).


08/28SunPreliminary plant visit
08/29MonSeminar day 1
08/30TueSeminar day 2
08/31WedSeminar day 3
09/01ThuSeminar day 4

Photos of Participants

Participants hold their PROGRESS texts

Participants vow to do their best before the seminar

Practical exercise in productivity improvement

The patrol team visits a sugar manufacturing plant

The dialogue session with employers

The dialogue session with employers