SGRA Project in Thailand (June)

Group photo (Chiang Mai)

The JILAF Thailand Office visited the provinces of Surat Thani, Khon Kaen, and Chiang Mai in Thailand in June with the purpose of conducting coordination for the full-fledged fiscal 2016 start of the SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network).
On June 10 a seminar on the establishment of an SGRA credit union was held for 120 members at the ??? municipal community center in the district of Khian Sa in Surat Thani Province to explain the rights, duties and roles of credit union members; outline the process of establishment and registration; and elect members to handle the establishment.
On June 28 the second Khon Kaen Regional Working Committee meeting was held in the city of Nam Phong in Khon Kaen Province to discuss extension of the project to cover the elderly (informal-sector workers facing even more difficult conditions). The participants confirmed that, utilizing the experience and know-how of the Khon Kaen Regional Working Committee, activities to improve livelihoods through training in the cultivation of organic herbs would be implemented. Afterward, an activity follow-up for existing network members was held in the same city. Specifically, participants discussed and confirmed (1) quantity forecasts for the riceberry (red rice) harvest, (2) the strengthening of marketing strategy to expand sales, and (3) further coordination with local governments to bolster added value.
Furthermore, on June 30 a Life Support Seminar (LSS) was held for 10 community leaders in the Hang Dong district of Chiang Mai Province at a massage school in Hang Dong. Among other sessions, Mr. ????? ?????, head of the Labour Protection and Welfare Bureau of the Thai Ministry of Labour, and Mr. ????? ?????, an expert at the Ministry of Labour’s Social Security Office, supplied livelihood improvement information, such as the content of the home worker protection law and the merits and method of subscription to Article 40 of the Thai Social Security Act, and a member of the Northern Regional Working Committee explained methods of improving the household budget. The seminar ended with the participating community leaders agreeing that that they would take the lead in developing activities in the Hang Dong district from now on.


06/10FriSeminar on establishment of SGRA credit union
06/11Sat2nd Khon Kaen Regional Working Committee meeting
06/12SunLife Support Seminar

Photos of the Participants

Lecture on social insurance (Chiang Mai)

Working committee meeting on support for the elderly (Khon Kaen)

Elected officers (Surat Thani)