Follow-up Seminar in Chile

On August 3 JILAF held an invitation program follow-up seminar in Santiago, Chile, with the participation of 31 persons, including participants in past JILAF invitation programs and union leaders. (There were eight persons who had participated in past invitation programs.) It was the first time for JILAF to hold a local seminar in Chile.
The objectives of this follow-up seminar are (1) to survey how participants in past invitation programs have utilized what they learned in Japan in their subsequent activities in their own countries and (2) to exchange opinions on the labour situation and labour movement in Japan and countries participating in the invitation program, thereby strengthening bilateral cooperation and solidarity.
On behalf of the Chilean side, Manuel Diaz, deputy leader of the Workers’ Union Center of Chile (CUT) and head of its international department, said, "We are very pleased that JILAF is holding a local seminar in Chile for the first time. After their return home, invitation program participants have utilized what they learned in Japan and engaged in activities for the development of the labour movement. From now on also, we want to further develop friendly relations with JILAF and strengthen solidarity between our two countries." JILAF Executive Director-General Yoshio Takahashi then commented, "We are most grateful for the many words of encouragement received from our friends in Chile following the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11. So far JILAF has invited 26 persons from the CUT, and through the ‘Exchange of Views on Labour Situation’ meeting we have learned about the history of your organization, its activities, and the issues facing Chile, as well as the common challenges facing our two countries. From now on also we hope to engage in activities in solidarity with you so that the labour movements of Japan and Chile feel mutually close to one another."
Executive Director-General Takahashi then delivered lectures on "The Present Situation of the Labour Movement in Japan and Immediate Issues" and "The Great East Japan Earthquake." The participants asked many questions about such topics as the state of organization expansion and methods of collective bargaining and labour-management consultations in Japan.
Next, the participants in past invitation programs reported on their activities since their return to Chile. Their comments included, "I am actively trying to introduce aspects of the social security system and unemployment countermeasures that I learned about in Japan in Chile," "When I incorporated aspects of Japan’s labour-management relations, ties with management improved," and "My image of Japan before going there was distorted. When I actually visited the country, my image changed in a good direction."
Finally, the participants made such remarks about the seminar as, "At this follow-up seminar, we were able to discuss the social and economic conditions in our two countries and the issues of trade unions, so it was a very meaningful experience. From now on also, I hope that the invitation program will be continued and that it leads to a strengthening of solidarity between Chile and Japan."


08/01MonVisit to the Workers' Union Center of Chile (CUT)
08/02TueVisit to the Ministry of Labour of Chile
08/03WedFollow-up seminar
08/04ThuVisit to CUT-affiliated plant

Photos of the Participants

Visit to the Japan-Chile Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Follow-up seminar

Lecture by JILAF Executive Director-General Yoshio Takahashi

Visit to the Ministry of Labour of Chile

Discussion with union executives at a food product plant

CUT headquarters